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Operational Procedures of Sand Washing Machine


In the using process of sand washing machine, the operational personnel should learn by heart some basic operation notices no matter for wheel sand washing machine or screw sand washing machine. If the sand washing machine is not operated according to these rules, the failure rate will greatly increase, the personal safety of the workers will also be threatened and the production schedule of the manufacturing company will also be influenced. Here Daswell will introduce the operational procedures and daily maintenance of sand washing machine in the using process.

(1) Before starting sand washing machine, first check whether there is debris in the drain hole or not; if there is debris, timely clean it to avoid the blockage of the drain hole. At the same time, clean the debris in the water tank and wheel bucket. Then carefully check whether all the fastening pieces parts are tight or not, whether the nut is screwed. Carefully check whether the lubrication grease reaches the stipulated height or not; whether the belt of sand maker is good or not and whether the protective device is good or not.

(2) If there is no question and the transmission part is normal, the sand washing machine can be started. After starting it, if there is abnormal condition, stop it immediately, and never start it again until the reasons of failure are figured out and the breakdown is eliminated.

(3) When sand washing machine begins normal operation, feed raw materials according to the requirement. It is forbidden to stop the machine without materials in it nor feed it after stopping it.

The user has to make sure that the oil level of the gear case of sand washing machine is not lower than the height of the oil pointer, and the oil should be changed every 3-6 mouths. When changing oil, wash the oil box and the gear wheel surface with clean gasoline or kerosene, and change new lubricating grease for the bearing pedestal every 6-12 months. When sand washing machine is running, nobody is allowed to stand beside it or touch, adjust, clean or examine it. Regularly check whether there is abrasion or leakage of electricity in the wire of the electric motor.

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