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Basic Principles for Operating Hammer Mill


Hammer mill is suitable for crushing all kinds of medium hard and crisp materials such as limestone, coal, salt, gypsum, brisk and gangue, and the compression strength of the materials to be crushed should not exceed 150MPa and the water content should be smaller than 15%. It is widely used in such industries as cement, coal dressing, power plant, building material and compound fertilizer industry. It is able to crush the raw materials with different sizes into even particles with reliable structure, high production efficiency and good adaptability.

The working part of hammer mill is the hammers that are reamed on the turntable in a certain manner. The basic principles used in hammer mill are main impacting crushing principle. When materials go into the crushing machine, they will be crushed under the impacting force produced by the hammers rotating with high speed. The crushed materials will gain kinetic energy from the hammers and fly to the baffle and grating bar inside the machine with high speed; and at the same time, the materials also hit with each other, in this way, the materials will be crushed for many times, and the materials smaller than the gap of the grating bar will be discharged from the gap and the materials bigger than the gap of the grating bar will be impacted, ground and crushed again by the hammers and then discharged from the gap, thus getting products with the desired granularity. If you are interested in our hammer mill, please contact us without hesitation. In addition, we can also supply you diesel engine stone hammer crusher which can be used in a place without electricity.

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