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Main characteristics of JS foam concrete mixer


JS series concrete mixer manufactured has the advantage of driving reliable, low noise, low power consumption, compact structure, smooth operation, easy to operate, good mixing quality and high productivity. JS concrete mixer is applied to around construction sites, road construction, bridges, hydropower and other projects and small and medium-sized concrete structures.What are the characteristics of the JS series concrete mixer?

A. JS concrete mixer is reverse from the drop-type biconical material mobile concrete mixer, mixing plastic and semi-hard concrete.

B. Mixing drum mixing forward, reverse the material, no tank mixing 350 liters of concrete (refer to tamp the concrete volume), no hour can produce 10 to 14 cubic meters.

C. Fixed mixing, digging pits, so that the hopper mouth flush with the ground, feed, greatly reducing the labor intensity.

D. The machine structure is novel, high production efficiency, the mixing quality, light weight, attractive appearance, etc., is a more advanced model.

How to maintain and care for concrete mixers


What is the secret of the maintenance of the concrete mixer? How to maintain the concrete mixer?

We all know that maintenance can improve the efficiency of the concrete mixer at work, and can extend the using life of the concrete mixer. What is the secret of the maintenance of the concrete mixer? How to maintain a concrete mixer?

The following is that technical staff of DASWELL share with you how to care for the concrete mixer?

A. You must ensure the body of concrete mixer clean and remove the body of dirt and obstructions.

B. The concrete mixer should check the lubrication at the oil circuit and control equipment before ready to work every day and filling oil.

C. The concrete mixer must be two leakage protection , and after the poyour is turned on, you must carefully check.

D. Before daily work you must check whether the flexible and reliable transmission is clutch and brake, wire rope is damaged and track pulley is good.

E. When the concrete mixer is operation of the process, you should check whether the noise of the motor, speed reducer and transmission gear is normal, and the temperature is too high.

F.When the concrete mixer is turned on every time, you must check whether the various components is functioning properly. Shutdown, do not forget to check whether the mixer blade is bent, G. After work of the concrete mixer, you must carefully cleaned the concrete mixer.

JZC series concrete mixer briefly introduce


The first thing about JZC series concrete mixer is the model of concrete mixer and the JZC series concrete mixer is our company’s most diverse of model, the most widely used mixer. The main models of JZC series concrete mixer are: JZC250/350A/500 climb bucket drum type concrete mixer; JZC350B enhance drum concrete mixer; JZC300 ladder drum concrete mixer and JZC350 diesel drum type concrete mixer.

The same features of JZC series concrete mixer are:self-fall bipyramid-type mixer, mix the tube by the ring gear drive, Drum forward mixing, reverse the material off the concrete mixer, mixing the plastic and semi-rigid concrete the beautiful, light weight, easy to move, is a more advanced models; generally applicable construction sites, roads, bridges, hydropower projects and small and medium-sized concrete construction plant.

The different features of JZC series concrete mixer are: JZC350B enhance drum concrete mixer belongs to climb up material mixer; JZC300 ladder-style drum concrete mixer is a ladder up to 17-25 meters, the materials can be transported to a certain height of the mixer; drum concrete mixer JZC350 diesel engine is the most special not only electricity and diesel, widely used in the export.

The above is the JZC series concrete mixer , welcome old and new customers visit us.

Five necessary procedures about concrete mixer operation


A. Lubrication: shaft seal, shaft end bearing lubrication required timing and synchronization gear, power chains, power main gear box, power motor bearings in each class to check the timing provisions of filling or replacement of oil.

B. Finished hopper: hopper adhesive material clean-up cylinder oil cup to check filling of the gas supply pipeline, the oil-water separator water emissions

C. The concrete mixer dust collector: check butterfly valve with concrete mixer of the precipitator of the linkage situation; active dust blower, filter backflush device, vibrator state; check whether the vacuum pipe rupture, the tube of dust accumulation and cleaned up; the precipitator plot material of the Ministry of dust accumulation and clean-up

D. Machinery and other: each class to check the concrete mixer shaft seal sealing the situation; regularly check the synchronization gear, power chain, power main gear box, the state power motor bearings; regularly check the discharge door (including finished product hopper) and the cylinder; fastening of blades and liner and wear situation; feed inlet chute wear and clean-up of adhesive material; cameras, lighting equipment clean-up; gas pipeline, oil cup, oil, oil-water separator water emissions;

E. Distribution box guard doors closed and in good condition, clear the dust; inventory cleanup tool and locked; do a good job in the environmental health of the tool room, electrical room.

Daswell staff will tell you concrete mixer installation procedures


The concrete mixer is to mix cement, sand and gravel aggregate is mixed with water and made a concrete mixture of mechanical, mainly by the composition of the mixing tube, the feeding and discharging institutions, water supply systems, prime mover, transmission, rack and supporting devices. To use concrete mixer, concrete mixer, there are many precautions during installation, concrete mixer in the installation of the Note as follows:

A. The concrete mixer installation location choice:

a. Concrete mixer installation site must be almost the whole, a solid foundation

b. Concrete mixer should be installed as close as possible to the scene pouring stations.

C.Concrete mixer installation should consider the power, water, water-resistant materials venues measures and feed, the feed channel.

B. Concrete mixer in place, put down the leg rotation screw from the top of the machine, so that the tire unloading, and transferred to the mixer to the water for a position with a pin fixed in order to enhance the stability of the job. For use by the principal time when the application sleepers rack pad is under the tires and drawbar otherwise save.

C. cushion between the hopper and the ground to avoid damage due to the impact of the drop bucket bucket body.

D. large capacity stationary mixers shall be manual requirements, foundation design in accordance with the specifications for the installation.

When installing the main and auxiliary applications foot level of correction levels.

E. White off the mixer when the center of gravity biased towards the feed inlet side of the installation, the port side of the feed can be slightly higher, in order to facilitate discharge.

F. hopper rail movements concrete mixer, hopper pit should be dug up, take a long rail, the depth of the pit to the hopper into the bottom of the pit, bucket mouth above the ground 150 to 200 mm. Hopper concrete mixer, parked on the ground should be erected on the material platform, flush with its height and hopper put down the plane.