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The third generation of sand making machine for processing limestone and other soft materials


Limestone, bluestone, marble and so on are relatively soft brittle materials, are the most common production of sand stone. Limestone Main Ingredients Calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Lime and limestone are used extensively for building materials, industrial raw materials. Limestone resources are very extensive, is the production of sand and the ideal stone material, but also the market one of the main raw material of sand. Limestone sanding choose which sand making effect is good? For this soft material processing, we recommend you the third generation SBM sand making machine. The model of sand making machine processing of limestone and other soft materials not only large output, and sanding effect is good, equipment investment is also very small, very economical and applicable.
Limestone sand production line is mainly equipped with: vibration feeder, jaw crusher, the third generation of sand making machine, vibrating screen, conveyor and other equipment. Using the third generation of sand making machine sand, you can save the middle of the two broken (anti-break), change the three broken for the two broken, greatly enhance the production efficiency, the third generation of sand making machine feed size is relatively large in 120-190mm In addition, the third generation of sand making machine for a variety of moderate hardness of solid materials in the cement industry, in the cement industry, but also to reduce the cost of production, Crushed limestone, gypsum, clinker, mixed material and so on. The third generation of sand and gravel machine (the third generation of sand making machine), you can produce sand materials, can also produce stone, limestone sand and the ideal choice for stone.
In addition, the third generation of sand making machine (limestone sand making machine), reasonable structure, advanced new energy efficient heavy structure unique high chrome plate hammer, unique counter-attack lining hard rock broken, unique inertia impact balance device, unique simple demolition Install the maintenance window. Playing sand out of the limestone mechanism of sand granularity, finished fineness modulus adjustable, the device also uses a new wear hammer, wear effect, long service life.

SBM wollastonite milling machine unique crushing principle, to fill the application of ultrafine powder vacancies


According to foreign experts predict that the future proportion of the field of wollastonite applications are as follows: ceramic industry and related departments 6%; paint, plastic and decorative materials 22%; asbestos substitutes 5%; El living insulation products with insulating ceramic foam 12% ; Building insulation ceramic foam 6%; refractory insulation ceramic foam 2%; casting production of ceramic foam 4%; slag concrete block surface coating 3%; paper production 40%.
Wollastonite is a typical metamorphic mineral, mainly produced in the acid rock and limestone contact zone, and Fu Shan Shi, garnet symbiosis. Also found in the deep metamorphic calcareous crystalline schist, volcanic eruptions and some alkaline rocks. Wollastonite is an inorganic needle-like minerals, which are non-toxic, resistant to chemical corrosion, thermal stability and dimensional stability is good, with glass and pearl luster, low water absorption and oil absorption, mechanical properties and electrical properties and a certain Reinforcing effect. SBM produced by the ultrafine mill processing of wollastonite powder with low iron content, high whiteness. Mainly used for plastics, rubber, ceramics, coatings, building materials and other industries to enhance the filler. Wollastonite belongs to a chain-like silicate, and is a fibrous, needle-like. Because of its special crystal morphology crystal structure determines its nature, wollastonite has good insulation, but also has a high whiteness, good dielectric properties and high heat resistance, weather resistance. Because wollastonite is widely used in ceramics, chemicals, metallurgy, paper, plastics, coatings and other fields.
At present, wollastonite crushing and grinding more use of impact crusher, tricyclic medium-speed micro-grinding and ultra-fine milling machine, in the wollastonite processing, China should strengthen the development of crushed milling equipment to accelerate the large-scale enterprises Construction, to produce fine powder and acicular powder-based; increase the study of wollastonite polymer, increase in the plastic and friction materials and other industrial applications, in order to significantly increase the added value of wollastonite. SBM Industrial has long been engaged in R & D investment, production of large and medium-sized milling machine equipment, at home and abroad for a long time to enjoy the prestigious, high-pressure medium-speed milling machine, tricyclic ultra-fine milling machine in the traditional Raymond Mill On the integration of modern forging technology for a new improvement, the structure to achieve a comprehensive upgrade. High-pressure micro-grinding is a new generation of high-performance ultra-fine powder processing equipment developed by SBM Industrial Co., Ltd., which combines the advantages of high-speed impact grinding and airflow grinding, and forms its own unique crushing mechanism, which is energy efficient and produces ultra-fine powder. And then spend a high cost, the mill specifications of the technical indicators R-type tilting Raymond machines have greatly improved, is a new energy-efficient new Raymond machine

Stone slag crusher production of cement necessary artifact


Stone slag, a building material, carbide slag first with water to remove the silicon block, after the settlement of the upper layer of water, the lower layer of water content of about 66 ~ 70%. The coal, loess, iron slag according to the weight ratio of 16: 16: 5 into the mud mill, grinding, continuous water made of water 54 to 98% of the mud. And then the carbide slag and mud evenly mixed with calcium oxide 48 ± 1% of the slurry, dehydrated and dried after crushing, and then formed into a certain size of the ball, into the shaft kiln, after calcination, crushed, ground into cement. Second can also be used to make bricks, mortar, etc., which can be achieved through the Gold Ore Crusher.
Mine crusher type jaw, cone, impact, counterattack, hammer and so on. Some of the equipment output of the slag flake more, can not meet the requirements, and hammer only close to the sieve size of the gravel meet the requirements, small size is still to sheet for more large, medium-sized mines do not use. In the above equipment, the impact crusher produced by the slag actually meet the requirements, but because of its stone powder accounted for a larger proportion of all products, resulting in waste of resources. Therefore, need to go through some improvement before they can put into production. (Granite, limestone, concrete, etc.), widely used in hydropower, highways, artificial, and so on. It can be used for all kinds of coarse, medium and fine materials such as granules, granite, limestone and concrete with particle size of not more than 120-500 mm and compressive strength of not more than 320 MPa. Gravel material, broken and other industries. The series of counter-crushing structure is unique, equipped with high chrome plate hammer, unique counter-liner; suitable for hard rock broken, efficient energy saving; nesting particle size adjustable, can simplify the crushing process, and has a large crushing ratio, Product shape was cube, can be selectively broken and so on.

5R4121 Raymond Mill to buy on the attention


Many enterprises in the production of equipment on the purchase has a very strict requirements. Traditional equipment is far from meeting the production requirements of enterprises, so they want to choose high-tech equipment. 5R4121 Raymond Mill is such an excellent equipment, it can make every public get a very good production income.
In the mining industry, raymond mill is the application of more common equipment, and 5R4121 Raymond Mill is a new type of Raymond Mill equipment, the equipment in technology and performance have been optimized to upgrade in the market application The effect is also very prominent. 5R4121 Raymond mill every part is the use of foreign advanced manufacturing technology from manufacturing. The equipment of their composition can have a very good quality. Enterprise customers if the use of other products can not guarantee that the entire enterprise in the material milling this part of the stable operation. From time to time there will be some small problems will make grinding out some problems, the use of life will not be very long, and even sometimes will lead to the normal operation of the enterprise by the corresponding interference.
5R4121 Raymond Mill is a highly efficient new equipment, some of the equipment accessories are made of advanced technology, made relatively stable, and longer service life, which makes the performance of the device more stable, Application effect is more prominent.

How to control the finished sand machine sand fineness and shape?


Sand processing equipment from the finished product sand we are generally known as sand or artificial sand. The sand is the main source of sand for the project, such as the mixing station, the construction, the water conservancy project, the repairing high speed, the repairing high iron and so on. The quality of the project sand is very high. The quality of the finished machine sand and the fineness of the sand modulus to achieve the final requirements, most of the artificial experience or sampling by drying, screening, weighing and other methods to determine the old method, on the one hand by artificial Judging the quality of sand making by experience, because of people and easy, great error, unreliable; how to improve the sand making machine, to promote the finished product sand quality and granularity is the key to perfection.
VSI sand making machine and 5X sand making machine equipment are advanced stone stone principle, playing out the finished sand quality is good, the product was cube, grain shape is good, gradation reasonable, fineness modulus adjustable; particularly suitable for artificial system Sand and stone shaping, proved to be more than other traditional equipment (third-generation sand making machine, sand machine, rod mill) sand, plastic surgery increased by 30%. Finished sand in the range of 0-5mm arbitrary regulation, to meet the ultra-fine sand, fine sand, sand, coarse sand and other different fineness and different uses of sand production and processing.