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The detailed operation procedures of a crusher

24/07/13 Tags: Aditiva, business

First, the preparatory work before starting

1, double-check whether the lubrication of bearings good, elbow board connections whether there is sufficient lubrication can be.

2, double-check whether I fully tighten all fasteners.

3, carefully check the drive belt is good, if they are damaged phenomenon, should be promptly replaced. When the belt or pulley when there is oil, the application of its sweeping movements cloth wipe.

4, check whether the ore crushing cavity or debris. If ore or debris must be cleaned to ensure that the no-load start-crusher.

5, check whether the return from the top bolts, gaskets if pressed, T-bolt is tightened.

Second, starting

1, upon inspection proved a normal situation in all parts of the machine before starting.

2, this machine is only allowed in case of no-load starting.

3, starting with the bell or signal must be prior notice.

4, starting later, if found to be not a normal phenomenon, should immediately stop functioning. To be identification and removal of non-normal conditions before it can start (non-regular case with easy to start).

Third, the use of

1, broken machines in normal operation before it can cast material.

2, to be broken by adding material to be evenly broken cavity. Should be avoided by adding or stacked side-feeding, so as not to overload caused by nesting uneven and should not be mechanical damage.

3, normal circumstances, the bearing temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, the maximum temperature not exceeding 70 degrees. Above that temperature, should be immediately stopped, identify causes and to be discharged only after the starter motor.Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, for example,ball mills, stone portable machine Welcome all of you to visit our official website.

4, parking, should first of all stop feeding until the broken cavity material fully discharged only after the motor shut down.

5, broken when the cavity material as a result of obstruction caused by broken parking, should be immediately stopped, the material discharged only after the re-start.

6, fixed and activities of the jaw plate wear and tear at one end, may turn around to use.

7, broken machines in use after a period of time should be set tight re-tighten the elbow sleeve, elbow sleeve to prevent the tight set loose while the machine-generated damage.

4, lubrication

1, the regular attention and in a timely manner the work of friction and lubrication can ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend equipment life.

2, this machine used grease should be based on the use of location, their conditions are, generally, under the circumstances of Ca-, sodium and calcium-based grease Kea.

3, add bearing grease inside the space where the volume for about 50% every 3 to 6 months to replace once when the application of the oil-clean gasoline or kerosene cleaning roller bearing raceway.

4, before starting the machine, elbow board and brackets should be injected into the right amount of grease.

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