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Five necessary procedures about concrete mixer operation


A. Lubrication: shaft seal, shaft end bearing lubrication required timing and synchronization gear, power chains, power main gear box, power motor bearings in each class to check the timing provisions of filling or replacement of oil.

B. Finished hopper: hopper adhesive material clean-up cylinder oil cup to check filling of the gas supply pipeline, the oil-water separator water emissions

C. The concrete mixer dust collector: check butterfly valve with concrete mixer of the precipitator of the linkage situation; active dust blower, filter backflush device, vibrator state; check whether the vacuum pipe rupture, the tube of dust accumulation and cleaned up; the precipitator plot material of the Ministry of dust accumulation and clean-up

D. Machinery and other: each class to check the concrete mixer shaft seal sealing the situation; regularly check the synchronization gear, power chain, power main gear box, the state power motor bearings; regularly check the discharge door (including finished product hopper) and the cylinder; fastening of blades and liner and wear situation; feed inlet chute wear and clean-up of adhesive material; cameras, lighting equipment clean-up; gas pipeline, oil cup, oil, oil-water separator water emissions;

E. Distribution box guard doors closed and in good condition, clear the dust; inventory cleanup tool and locked; do a good job in the environmental health of the tool room, electrical room.

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