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Jerking Table-Gold Shaking Table Shaker


Jerking table as gravity separation equipment has been widely used in sorting gulch-gold and other minerals.

Jerking table is usually composed of bed surface, frame and transmission mechanism three parts. In addition, it is also equipped with flushing tank, feed tank, frame, etc; The bed surface is supportedor lifted by frame, and frame is equipped with gradient adjustment device.

Working principle:
Jerking table can make mineral grain move to different directions according to density and particle size, and spread in fan shape starting from the feeder trough, and then be discharged along the bed edge; the row ore line is very long, can accurately produce a variety of products with different qualities, such as the concentrate, medium concentrate, and tailings, etc.

Ore dressing table, slime dressing table, 6 – S dressing table, LS dressing table, etc.

Affecting factors:
Asymmetry of table movement
Stroke and speed
Water flow and slope
Feeding volume and feed concentration
Feed particle size and shape

Original link: http://www.china-crusher.com/news313.htm

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