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The flotation process of Mercuric sulfide


The flotation process of Mercuric sulfide

Mercuric sulfide has the major characteristics of large ratio material, so we use re-election sorting to help with the process. But generally adopt the beneficiation process – floating joint process, rather than a separate re-election process to process mercury ore. The beneficiation process generally use shaker, jigger re-election equipment;
Mercuric sulfide flotation process
Flotation not only can effectively recycle cinnabar ore, mercury in natural mercury, chlorine, sulfur, mercury mines and other minerals are also can be effectively recycled, so flotation beneficiation method is the most common way in foreign large-scale processing plant.
Mercuric sulfide – the floating joint beneficiation process
The ore beneficiation process is with low production costs, less investment in infrastructure, the total recovery rate is higher. The process is very popular applied in the mercury mine concentrator; the vast majority of our cinnabar are from the process mercury mine concentrator.
Old Rotary kiln cylinder ring slit cut groove: groove after cutting by drawing with a wire brush, hand grinder to remove iron oxide and other impurities. Unequal thickness tube section groove should be achieved gentle transition without stairs phenomenon. Finally, according to the kiln equipment cylinder welding process instructions to weld it.
After welding, remove internal support, drawing, pressure wire, ribs. Take way external support and the Pro set. Restore the facilities to be demolished. LP kiln observed stall roller and rolling ring contact to see if there are breaks round phenomenon, according to the measurement results, judge the kiln axis of bending. LP adjust it to eliminate the phenomenon of the break wheel.
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