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Targetting Expats in the Benelux location

20/05/13 Tags: 3d reklama

The three international locations that make up the Benelux region Holland, Luxembourg and Belgium are all admired spots for expatriates to relocate to. All 3 nations present a base for the European Union federal government departments. Additionally they house a lot of European Company headquarters such as IBM, Shell and Skype.

The good quality of daily life in Belgium and the Netherlands’ is ranked as a lot of the ideal inside the globe, according to the HSBC Expat Explorer survey in 2010, and it is actually greatly comprehended which the lifestyle while in the region is extremely substantial. The Belgium and Dutch overall economy rated 6 and eighth with a world wide index in the world’s sixty greatest economies, based on a two day diet report published by Ernst &Young in collaboration with the Economist Intelligence Unit.
English is extensively spoken across the location and, with each country providing healthcare under insurance-based schemes, albeit at a range of levels, there are numerous opportunities for intermediaries to create partnerships with providers and, in particular through company clients, to target expats during the area.

Health insurance in Luxembourg
In Luxembourg health insurance is compulsory and basic cover is generally provided by the national social security system with contributions paid by both employees and also the companies they work for.
Foreigners living in Luxembourg that do not work must produce proof of health insurance in order to obtain a residence permit.
Expatriates who qualify for ‘non-resident’ tax status, may not be required to contribute to national social security and are covered by employer’s health care plans, if not they must arrange a private plan.

Accessing healthcare in Luxembourg
Although there are no private hospitals in Luxembourg hospital services are good. All hospitals are run by the state and all non-emergency hospital admissions are 2 day diet arranged by a GP.

All doctors charge the same amount that is set by the state. The doctor is paid directly and is then reimbursed by the insurance group. Luxembourg strictly regulates the selling of drugs and, whether you need over the counter remedies or need a prescription meds.

The health insurance opportunity in Luxembourg
Any client who is relocating to Luxembourg as an individual must have proof of health cover before they are permitted entry to your country so it’s vital to make sure that they have a suitable plan before leaving to relocate. There may also be opportunities for intermediaries to set up appropriate cover for their company clients expanding into Luxembourg.

Health insurance in Belgium
Health insurance is compulsory in Belgium and basic cover is generally provided by the national social security system, with contributions paid by both employers and employees. The system of who pays to the healthcare can be a little complicated based on contributions into a fund, which is reimbursed when medical care is required.

Employers make health insurance contributions meizitang directly to a chosen fund. After enrolling into the Belgian health fund there is a six-month waiting period before a claim can be made unless there was cover previously in a state health care plan in another EU country.

For most medical services, the bill must be paid and receipt submitted for reimbursement. Reimbursements are usually less than the charges incurred, and for this reason most Belgians take out supplementary health insurance or to upgrade their cover from the statutory level.

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