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Gravel Screen-High Frequency Mineral Screen

06/05/13 Tags: akumulátory

gravel screen-high frequency mineral screen-iron ore screening equipment-rotary screener(china-crusher)

Gravel screen, also called high frequency mineral screen , takes advantages of the relative motion of sieve and grain materials to make part of the particles through the sieve pore, so that divide the sand, gravel, crushed stone and other materials into different levels according to the particle size.

High frequency mineral screen is widely used in the dry and wet sieving, grading and dehydration processes in mineral processing, coal processing, chemical industry, brick making, food, pharmaceutical, alkali, chemical fertilizer, paper making industry.

High frequency mineral screen is mainly composed of vibrator, pulp distributor, screen box, frame, suspension spring and sieve mesh.

Working principle and advantages:
High frequency mineral screen has high efficiency, small amplitude and high screening frequency. Different from ordinary sieving equipment principle, high frequency mineral screen uses high frequency, destroys the tension on the surface of pulp and high speed oscillation of fine particle material on the screen, speeds up the separation effect of useful large density minerals, increases the contacting probability between mesh and the materials that less than separation particle, resulting in better separation conditions and making the materials that less than separation size, especially large density grains, through the sieve pore with pulp.

Original link: http://www.china-crusher.com/news311.htm

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