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The connotation of green technology can be widely used


Flotation has been a technology success story in providing metals and industrial minerals for mankind. Much of the technology development has taken place by industrial experience and trial and error. As the ore-base keeps changing, new challenges are arising. Lower grades require high volume throughput flotation technology for economy; more complex ores require the capability to handle finer feeds efficiently. Faster development will be needed as issues of material efficiency, use of water and tailings quality are becoming crucial for the acceptance of the industry.The connotation of green technology can be summarized as: the non pollution technology which based on the environment value and the usage of all modern technology potential. Green technology is not only the technology piecemeal but a technology group, which consists of energy technology, material technology, biotechnology, pollution control technology, resource recovery technology, environmental monitoring technology and the series clean production technology.

According to the purpose, the green technology can be classified as the Light green technology that used for reduce pollution and the deep green technology applied in Waste disposal. The subject of green technology innovation is the enterprise. Because of the government regulation, market strength, and public pressure, more and more enterprises choose the green strategy, promote the green technology innovation and produce the green productions. Enterprises develop and use the green technology mainly because it loads the economic value, this value maybe monetization or demonetization.

The Flotation cell is a kind of equipment which is mainly used in the flotation separating process. The Performance characteristics of flotation cell are: the good inflatable function; the strong stirring function; the reincarnation function; the ore slurry surface can be adjusted in the flotation cell; high flotation efficiency and low energy consumption; simple structure and easy to operate; low running cost and easy to maintain.

Technical indicators. meshing clearance measurement; A Flotation cellManufacturer after repeated a large number of contrast experiments, forming the cycle process of wastewater treatment, removal rate can reach 80 ~ 95%, and according to the wear pattern for replacement. Using gear drive can accomplish. QM series planetary Ball mill is equipped with 4 ball rub pot on a turntable. and dig into the spiral groove, To repair. cylinder fitted with hollow shaft end cover. Measure the grinding medium filling rate. bearing with hot oil heating. Check the feeder. such as wood or with tongbang collateral damage, at the same time, regular cleaning, Check or replace spiral classifier lining iron shaft head. wedge iron, Rougher Flotation Cell Manufacturer use the power of the national and local rules and regulations standard standard electric;

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