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Specially Introduce the Features of Impact Crusher

10/06/13 Tags: adventne pobyty, adwords, business

With the vigorous development of China”s economic construction, the crusher industry’s development is called by leaps and bounds. Among these crushing machines, impact crusher is one good example, now Hongxing machinery will specifically introduce something about the impact crusher for you.

Impact Crusher is crushing machinery that uses the impact energy to break material. When this kind of crusher works, it is driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at the high-speed, the material entering the area of plate hammer, impacting and crushing with the plate hammer, and later it is thrown out on the counterattack installation to break again, then it is rebound from the counter-attack liner to the plate hammer area and is crushed, this process is repeated, the material is descended to enter one, two, three, and the impact chamber repeatedly breaks until the materials are crushed to the desired particle size, then it is discharged by the discharge port.

Impact crusher, in addition to the role of it in the railway, construction and other industries, but also it has its own characteristics:Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, for example,limestone machinery, sand making machines Welcome all of you to visit our official website.

1. Rotor backplane can suffer extremely high moment of rotating inertia amount of the rotor and hammer crushing force.

2. After the optimization, the machine is designed a low-speed, multi-impact type crusher with crushing chamber, its line speed declines by 20% -25%, it can achieve high production with low power consumption.

3. It has the advantage of native tertiary crushing and shaping efficacy, therefore its crushing ratio is big; product shape is broken into cube.

4. The board hammer structure is reasonable with fast loading and unloading, multi-transposition, etc superiority. It can greatly shorten the time for board hammer.

5. It has the exotic counterattack tooth plate, and keyless connection.

6. It is developed by the new manufacturing techniques with high wear resistance, high toughness of chromium and molybdenum, this kind of impact crusher has solved the crushing difficult problem of hard materials.

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