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Particular instruction of the Hongxing patent mill


The first type is the spring impact crusher. The position of the impact crusher when it is at work is maintained by the pre-pressure of the spring. When the non-crushing materials enter the crushing cavity, the impact plate can overcome the pre-pressure of the spring so that the non-crushing materials can be discharged from the crushing cavity. The spring uses the spiral type and may use the combined type. The latter can use the small amount of compression deformation to obtain relatively large space to make the non-broken materials pass through.concrete crusher: http://www.crusher-machine.com/n216.html

Stone crushing production line is composed of feeder machine, jaw crusher, counter-attack crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, centralized electric control and so on. In order to meet the different needs of customer, it can be equipped with a complete set ofcone crusher, the dust removal equipment and so on.This production line can be used in many kinds of materials like limestone, granite, basalt, river stone, cobblestone, the gangue and manual sand making work. It is applied to the water and electricity, building, building materials, highway, urban construction.Basic technical process introduction of stone crushing production line

The material (limestone, granite, basalt, gneiss, river stone, cobblestone) will be fed into the jaw crusher to be crushed preliminarily. The material after be thickly crushed preliminarily will be transported to the counter-attack crusher to be crushed further by the belt conveyor. The crushed stone material will be screened out the different specification by the vibrating screen through the belt conveyor. The qualified finished product will be transported to the finished product storehouse by the belt conveyor and the unqualified stone returns to the counter-attack crusher through the belt conveyer to be crushed once more. It can form the close circulated crushing.pulp thickner: http://www.crusher-machine.com/n212.htmlThe second type is the self-gravity impact crusher. The impact plate maintains a normal position with self gravity. When there are non-broken materials in the crushing cavity, the impact plate will raise. After the non-crushing materials are discharged, the impact plate will return to its original position. The gap size of the impact plate can be adjusted by the suspension bolt.

The third type is the hydraulic impact crusher. You can use the hydraulic device to adjust the position of the counter plate and it can be used as a safety device. Generally, you can make the large-scale impact crusher and the chassis of the hydraulic hoist cylinder to use a common hydraulic system. Among the above several fastening methods, the utilization of plate hammer with bolt fastening method is the highest, which usually can be up to about 50%. However, the replacement is cumbersome, and it is also not suitable for high shock load.

hammer crusher machine: http://www.hxjq-mill.com/products/hammer_crusher.html

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