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Influences of Low Carbon Economy on Mining Industry

10/06/13 Tags: Aditiva, adrenalín, business

Currently, economic globalization and low-carbon economic trends are remarkable; China as a big manufacturing country, the development trend of its crusher industry in economic globalization has been a great problem to be considered.

From the current situation of cone crusher industry, the low-end enterprises occupy a large proportion, technical level and brand influence are weak, and the homogenization phenomenon is serious. In the new round of global strategic context, China crusher industry will continue to face the dual challenge pressure, that is, the squeeze and competition in the domestic market and the international market. Obviously, we need to strive for more innovative elements base on expanding domestic demand conditions, improve the global configuration capability on innovative elements and accelerate the development of China”s innovation-based economy so that break the shackles and win the challenge.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Land and Resources carries out a pilot work of reclamation of mining wasteland, which through the reclamation of wasteland left over by history to link it with the added land for construction and makes reasonable adjustments to the layout of the land for construction; focuses on the projects including the prevention of geological disasters, environmental governance of mine geology, mineral resource conservation and comprehensive utilization of green mine construction; vigorously straightens mine geological environment, improves the ecological environment in mining, etc; the strong support of the national policy provides the most favorable protection for the development of stone crusher industry.

It shows that the mining crushing machine industry in China should join the global division of labor, emphasis on technological progress, deepen reform, improve efficiency, adjust and optimize the quality factor of the economic structure, get rid of low-skill, low-value-added and high consumption, so that keep the industry healthy development. Hongxing Heavy Industry as the crusher industry leader, with high-end human capital of highly international vision, makes innovations on efficient quality mining crusher equipment and commits to shaping the world”s leading brand to promote the expansion of domestic demand and the transformation of the industrial chain upgrade.

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