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The test requirements of ore milling equipment


The test without load should meet the following requirements:
(A)The operator should start and stop the ore milling equipment according to the procedure and the respective interlock system shall comply with the technical requirements;
(B)When the movable cone rotates in the forward or reverse direction, the revolutions should not exceed 15 per minute.
(C)There should be no impact sound and periodic noise of the bevel gear wheel in the ore milling equipment.
(D)The lubrication system should work properly, the oil pressure should be within the certain range and the oil return temperature does not exceed (the oil return temperature of the commissioning with load is not allowed to exceed 60℃).
(E)As for the hydraulic adjustment device in the hydraulic equipment, it should be locked tightly according to its operating procedures; the operator should adjust the ore outlet to make its size meet the requirements under specific condition.
(F)The time of the normal continuous operation should not be less than 2h; generally, it should be up to the identification requirement.
The test with load should meet the following requirements:
(A)The operator should check the projects with load, which have been checked in the commissioning without load.
(B)The time of the commissioning with load should be kept for two days and nights normally and continuously (the short-stop for inspection is allowed). The amount of the feeding should be gradually increased, from the small amount to the full load.
(C)The position of the feeding device should be installed correctly and the ores should be evenly distributed in the crushing cavity.
(D)In the normal crushing process, there should be no sharp vibration and abnormal sound.

Trouble shooting for the motor of ore milling equipment


In the actual use of the ore milling equipment, we may meet a lot of faults. The motor is the key part of the ore milling equipment. If the motor has some faults, the working efficiency of the ore milling equipment will be affected. Therefore, the troubleshooting for the motor of the ore milling equipment is very important.
If the motor can’t start after the power of the ore milling equipment is turned on, there may be the following reasons.
First, the short circuit, the open short circuit or the grounding phenomenon of the stator winding phase may occur. Second, connection of the stator winding is wrong. Third, the overload is overweight or the rotor is blocked.
You can take these measures. First, check the open circuit, short circuit and the ground connection and repair them. Second, check the ground connection of the stator winding and correct it. Third, lighten the load and eliminate obstacles.
If the shell of the motor of the ore milling equipment is charged, there may be the following reasons.
First, the ground connection is bad. Second, the winding insulation is damaged. Third, the stator winding is affected with damp. Forth, the wiring board is damaged, or there is too much dust.
You can take the following measures. First, find out the causes and repair the motor. Second, repair the insulation, and the impregnating drying process need to be done. Third, replace the wiring board and clean up the dirt.
If the temperature rising of the motor ore milling equipment is too high or the motor smokes, there may be the following reasons. First, the load is too overweight. Second, the short circuit of the stator winding occurs. Third, the ground connection of the stator winding is wrong. Forth, the grounding of the stator winding and the short circuit of the inter turn occur. Fifth, the rotor of the motor of the ore milling equipment breaks. Sixth, the fixed rotors rub with each other.
You can take the following measures. First, reduce the load or replace the vibration motor. Second, repair the short circuit parts. Third, check the ground connection of the stator winding and correct it. Forth, detect the failure and repair it. Fifth, replace the rotor. Sixth, measure the air gap of the vibrating motor. Seventh, check the assembly and attrition of the bearing and repair them.

Ore Milling Equipment Is the in Grinding Equipment


Due to the kaolin produced by ore milling equipment iswhite, soft, easy to disperse and suspend in water, with features of goodplasticity, high adhesion, excellent electrical insulation properties, etc., soit is widely used in papermaking, chemical, ceramics, paint, medicine and otherfields.
Since the specific properties of the kaolin, the kaolin powder madeby kaolin ore milling equipment is possible to give good coverage performance and goodcoating gloss performance to paper, and increase the whiteness, opacity,smoothness and printability of paper in the process of micronized kaolin paper.Therefore, as raw material of paper-making, kaolin powder is very popular inpaper industry, at the same time, the kaolin ore milling equipment also has been theapple of grinding equipment.
As a professional crushing and milling equipment R D manufacturer, the kaolin grinder millmanufactured by Shanghai SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is widely welcomed bymany enterprises by its advantages in the paper industry. Meanwhile, SBMwill stand on the unprecedented height, to research and develop more advancedkaolin ore milling equipment, grinding miller and other grinding machine, providingcustomers with the highest quality products and the most perfect service!

SBM Ore Milling Equipment is the Trend of Today


SBM ore milling equipment is the trend of today. The integrative serves is the main advantage of this equipment. The installation of this equipment has eliminates the complicated operation process and reduce the material and working hours consumption. The compact design has improved the flexibility of field presence. ore milling equipment can be used independently. According to the customer requirements and the type of materials in the production process, it can provide a more flexible process configuration to meet the various crushing and screening requirements of the user, which will made the transport more direct effective and the cost lower.
The disadvantages of ore milling equipments:
1. The increased broken reproduced link made the production line more complex.
2. The main parts are bringing from the foreign country. The domestic use experience is not enough. The supplier of the abrasion parts is difficult.
3. The operational stripping ratio is bad and the mining area is difficult.
4. The system links and overall reliability are bad, which limit the production capacity of this system.
The ore milling equipment that produced by SBM company can efficiently realize the recycle of the construction waster. It greatly promotes the recycle rate of the city rubbish. The disposed construction waster can be used for the production of regenerate construction material, which not only realize the recycle of the construction waster, but also reduce the power consumption and improve the production efficiency.

Creative Design of Our Ore Milling Equipment


Recently, our company has introduced the world level designing and manufacturing technology for our single-cylinder ore milling equipment. Our new ore milling equipment has been welcome because of its various structural features.
The adjustment of the discharging mouth of the cone crusher can be completed through operating the control valve of the hydraulic system. If the iron is stuck in the discharging mouth, it can be removed by manipulating the hydraulic operating valve to control the movable cone to move up and down, thus reducing the labor strength and technical difficulty of the workers.
Our ore milling equipment can change the eccentric distance through changing the eccentric sleeve to adapt to the requirement of crushing different materials. Due to the adoption of hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic protection, complicated adjusting ring, supporting ring and spring device are eliminated, so that single-cylinder ore milling equipment has simplified structure and light weight.
There are bearings both above and under the principal axis, thus improving the force situation of the principal axis of the ore milling equipment which uses sealed chamber structure to prevent dust, so that it is more reliable than the water sealed structure of the spring cone crusher.
Since the principal axis of the movable cone uses simple supported beam structure, its eccentric angle is small, and generally speaking, the eccentric angle is only one second that of the spring cone crusher, for this reason, the crushing cone is relatively steep and the crusher is longer, thus improving the uniformity of the ore crushing.