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Ore Milling Equipment Industry will develop fast with Reduction of Oil Price


According to the CCTV report, Zhou Wangjun, Vice Director of the Price Bureau of the Nation Development and Reform Committee of China said in the interview that the refined oil product price adjustment window will open on July, 1st, and at the same time, the domestic oil price will be lowered again. He added that on July, 1st the government will lower the price of the domestic refined oil according to the established mechanism.
As a leading ore milling equipment manufacturer, Zenith Mining Machinery Co., Ltd thinks that the government lowers again the oil price shortly after the last reduction, which will bring huge influence to the economic development of China. Due to the effect of the butterfly effect, the oil price reduced will bring significant influences that can never be neglected to other economic development. There is no exception for the ore milling equipment industry, and the reduction of the oil price will directly reduce the production cost of the companies.
As the supporting industry of the national economic, the mining machinery industry has been playing a more and more important role in the process of the economic development construction in our country. With the ending of liang hui in 2012 and the continuous intensification of the efforts in national infrastructure construction, and many projects such as highway, railway and low-income housing in all areas are under way, the equipment orders for mining equipment such as jaw crusher and impact crusher, vibrating feeder will be more and more, so that the development prospect of the crusher industry looks bright. Zenith Machinery thinks that under this beneficial environment, the reduction of the oil price will reduce the production cost of the crusher industry, and in the meantime, the mining machinery manufacturing companies are able to invest more capital in the research, development and innovation of the crushing products and the product restructuring in order to provide more capital guarantee and technological support for the development of the company.
The ore milling equipment industry is now developing towards digital, intelligent, ecological and pleasant. While integrating the excellent achievement of the crushing equipment in the world, the crushing equipment manufacturing industry in our country also realizes sustainable development guided by the scientific development concept. It follows that technological innovation and quality guarantee is the key for a mining equipment manufacturing company to standing still in the fiercer and fiercer market competition.
2012 is a year when the ore milling equipments in our country develop fast. Supported and guided by the new national policies, the crusher manufacturing companies can start from themselves, adopt new management method and produce products with high science and technology content, high added value and high quality in order to respond to the market crisis. As a professional crusher manufacturer, Zenith Machinery believes that development is the absolute principle. Only by improving the performance of the products in the continuous development and innovation and increase the energy conservation rate of the crushing equipment can a company stand out in the fierce market competition, better develop his products and provide more excellent service for the customers.

Copper Ore Milling Equipment Process


China is one of the countries in the world with higher copper reserves. Copper mines are widely distributed throughout our country except for several provinces. Copper ore processing equipment mainly consists of jaw crusher, vibrating feeder, ball mill, spiral classifier, magnetic separator, flotation machine, high efficiency concentrator and metal powder dryer.
1. The crushing stage: This stage is the basic step aimed at breaking the large chunks of raw ores into appropriate particle size, so as to make it fit for the following grinding procedure.
2. The grinding stage: This stage is direct at further processing the crushed ores to a finer particle size, to coordinate material flotation and ore milling equipment.
3. The flotation stage: It’s the important step to refine the copper minerals. In this stage, we should add certain chemical reagents into the mixer, to make them set off chemical reactions.
The mined ores firstly experience a preliminary crushing by jaw crusher. After being broken to reasonable particle size, the ores will be evenly fed into the ball mill via the bucket elevator and haj vibrating feeder.
After being ground by ball mill, the ore fines will be sent to the next process: classification. The spiral classifier depends on the principle that different-proportion solid particles have different sedimentation rates in the liquid to have the ore mixture washed and classified. When the mixture through washing and classifying passing the magnetic ore milling equipment machine, the magnetic substances within it will be separated by magnetic force and mechanical force, due to every mineral has a specific susceptibility. After that preliminary ore milling equipment, the left minerals will be fed into the flotation machine and added different agents according to different mineral properties, in order to make the targeted minerals separated from other substances. Since the minerals usually contain a large amount of water, so they have to be concentrated by high efficiency concentrator and then dried by the metal powder dryer. By all the above procedures done, we will get the targeted dry copper concentrate, with a grade up to 45%.

Ore Milling Equipment Walks on the Road of Lower Energy Consumption


Rock crusher plays an important role in our modern society, which is a necessary production machine for many industry. Under the increasingly unoptimistic situation of resources and environment, energy saving and low consumption has gradually become a louder and louder slogan. ore milling equipment, as the most outstanding equipment in crushing industry, has a wide application scope. In order to better adapt to the development of the times, and improve the performance of ore milling equipment price, we also have to push ore milling equipment on the road of energy saving and low consumption.
According to ore milling equipment’s design characteristics, we have analyzed and worked out some measures to reduce its energy consumption. Next we will introduce from several aspects. The longer the lining plate is, the higher the power consumption will be. So hard materials should choose short lining plate; Soft materials choose long lining plate; Short liner is suitable for fine materials; And long lining plate for coarse materials. In general, if the material particle size is 10% less than that of the discharging gate, its energy consumption will increase, and the final product shape will change into flake. If the water content of viscous materials increases, it will affect the materials throughput. We also need pay more attention to the control of material moisture, generally not more than 5%, or it will cause energy consumption increase.
ore milling equipment, because of its poor running condition, heavy dust, and inadequate maintenance, usually has various kinds of problems in operation. Generally speaking, we should notice the following problems in the use of ore milling equipment to ensure the machine runs properly. When ore milling equipment is running, we should feed it evenly, without segregation. If uneven feeding happens, it can cause lower production capacity, product oversize, frequent spring action, large pressure on the bowl bearing, and power consumption rising.

China ore milling equipment Expo consists of three parts conference


During the conference, government officials, industry leaders, and experts from both Chinese and foreign mining industries will take part in in-depth mining-related dialogues. Topics to be covered include mining policies and laws, mining industry development trends, mining and capital markets, domestic and international investment opportunities, mining and sustainable development, commodities, geological surveys, technologies and equipment, and etc.
The exhibition will include individual pavilions of major mining countries, mining and exploration companies, investment and financing institutions, evaluation and consulting companies, and (technical) service providers and equipment suppliers. China ore milling equipment Expo is intent on boosting cooperation in fields like exploration, development, investment, equipment, and technologies.
Featured events such as the China mining Awards, cocktail parties, the Gala Dinner and student’s day will also be held, aiming at creating a casual and pleasant atmosphere to facilitate networking.
China ore milling equipment Expo is dedicated to following a path towards sustainable development and to being a part of global mining development trends. China mining is one of the most important annual events in the industry. It combines conference, exhibition and featured events, providing opportunities for dialogue, communication and cooperation for the whole mining sector.
November 6-8, 2011
Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center
No.18 Youyi South Road, Xiqing District, Tianjin, 300201 P. R. China
The Ministry of Land and Resources, China
Tianjin Municipal Government, China
Department of International Cooperation Science and Technology, Ministry of Land and Resources, China
Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Land Resources and Housing Administration
China mining Association

Ore milling equipment brings huge benefits to economic development


As the main equipment of the mining machinery industry, its development plays a great role in the economic growth of our country. ore milling equipment not only is conducive to the development of mining science, but has great importance to the construction of high-speed railway and highway, and all these projects will drive fast economic growth.
The launch of ore milling equipment drives the development of new industrial chain, plus the combination of domestic new technology and the energetic construction of infrastructure, it is certain that the ball grinding mill equipment industry will constantly promote the good development of the whole mining machinery industry. While developing, ore milling equipment is also making innovations. The water content of the ores to be processed by ore milling equipment will influence its working efficiency, for this reason, properly adding water to the ores and never using ore milling equipment to process dry ore raw materials can also improve its working efficiency.
To improve working efficiency of ore milling equipment, Hongxing Machinery makes some technical improvement on its structure. The rotation speed of ore milling equipment is the main factor directly influencing the working efficiency of ore milling equipment, for this reason, improving its rotation speed will directly improving its working efficiency. In a word, the development and application of ore milling equipment brings great benefits to economic development.