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Предел технологий на развитие горнодобывающей промышленности

17/05/13 ,

Как правило, перечисленные виды силовых нагрузок в процессе измельчения действуют одновременно, например, раздавливание и истирание, удар и истирание и др. Необходимость в различных видах нагрузок, а также в различных по принципу действия конструкциях и

размерах машин вызвана многообразием свойств и размеров измельчаемых материалов и различными требованиями к крупности исход-

ного материала и готового продукта. Однако при работе измельчителей в зависимости от их конструкций преобладает тот или иной способ измельчения.Имеются практические рекомендации по использованию соответствующих видов нагрузок в зависимости от типа измельчаемого материала. Так, дробление прочных и хрупких материалов целесообразно осуществлять раздавливанием и изломом, а прочных и вязких – раздавливанием и истиранием. Крупное дробление мягких и хрупких материалов предпочтительно выполнять раскалыванием, среднее и мелкое – ударом. В промышленности дробление материалов проводят,

как правило, сухим способом. Реже применяют мокрое дробление, когда в загрузочные устройства машин разбрызгивают воду для умень-

шения пылеобразования.

Помол твердых материалов осуществляют ударом и истиранием.

Также как и дробление, помол может быть сухим и мокрым. По сравнению с сухим, мокрый помол экологически более совершенен и более производителен. Однако мокрый помол может применяться только тогда, когда допускается контакт измельчаемого материала с водой.

По способу воздействия на измельчаемый материал различают дробилки, разрушающие материал сжатием (щековые, конусные и  и ударом (роторные и ). В щековых дробилках измельчение материала происходит, в основном, раздавливанием в камере между щеками при периодическом их сближении. При отходе подвижной щеки от неподвижной измельченный материал выпадает из дробилки.

мобильной дробилки, однобарабанные охладители

Points to avoid ball mill failure in working process


Points to avoid ball mill failure in working process

Mill refers to industrial mill, widely used in the field of metallurgy, building materials, chemical, mining and other mining products such as grinding materials processing. The most common processing materials include calcite, limestone, and marble and potassium feldspar.
The milling equipment is committed to be some failures in the using course, here we make the following analysis about the cause of the failures:
1, Motor failure
The entire unit has over 10 motor, so, motor failure cannot be ignored. The high temperature is one of the main reason leads to motor damage.
2, MTRA failure
(1) Cleaning sieve has strong vibration or screen frame shaking. The reason is that the bolt or wedge loose.
(2) The sand is with the grain of wheat. Reason is the internal throttle is small or screen surface inclination is inappropriate.
(3) Wheat is over-broken. Reasons are Jimmy device tooth plate sieve gap is too small, sieve mesh is too large or damaged.
3, spiral agitator failure
(1) Payroll port does not discharge grain. Causes: motor turns wrong, discharge port plug, the agitator blade fracture.
(2) The stirrer shaft does not turn. Causes: feeding too much, drive belt slip.
n the using and maintenance process of energy-saving Ball mill , we need to pay attention on the following points:
1. Keep the motor clean, timely adjust and tighten loose parts to prevent the wear being aggravated or leading to parts missing.
2. Reasonably select lubricants. Regularly checks of the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, oil level and quality, and pay attention to the tightness of the whole machine. Meanwhile, we should strengthen energy-saving ball mill lubrication of lubrication points; it is recommended that in the run-in period, we should fill grease to lubrication points (except for special requirements) every week.

hammer crusher : http://www.best-crushers.com/hammer-mill.html
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How to choose right grinding balls for mills


The ball mills at home and abroad widely adopt high-carbon high alloy class casting grinding balls and high-carbon low-alloy class forging or casting grinding balls; the vast majority of dry production in thermal power plants and cement industry use high or low chrome cast iron grinding balls, and wet process in mine adopts high-carbon low-alloy grinding balls.
There are many types of grinding balls at home, due to the imperfections of market economy, the use of grinding balls is not determined according to the process efficiency, with great randomness. The main varieties include: 1) high chromium alloy cast iron, such as: Cr8, Cr12, Cr15, Cr18, Cr24, Cr26; 2) low-chromium cast iron, such as Cr2 and martensitic ductile iron class. Martensite ductile iron and low chromium cast iron are in the same level in terms of abrasion resistance, and different in the production process. High-alloy cast iron is with excellent anti-wear performance, the higher the alloy, the better anti-wear performance, and it also has good economic benefits.

In dry grinding process of power plants and cement factories, the abrasion of a ton of high chrome ball is only 15 to 50 grams; using high chrome ball not only can save cost, reduce workers’ labor, reduce grinding mill, and also reduce the waste of limited human resources. It should be said bluntly that the high chrome ball is green and environmental protection.
Forging ball and rolling ball belong to high-carbon chrome molybdenum alloy and low-carbon manganese alloy class. Forging ball and rolling ball have simple process and low manufacturing costs; considering of the economic benefits, the wet process of mining class generally adopts low chromium alloy ball; the wear in iron ore, copper ore and molybdenum ore is generally between 500 to 700 grams. Improve the hardness of low chromium alloy ball is the most effective way to reduce abrasion so that improve economic efficiency.
Having selected the material, the gradation grinding balls becomes very important. Ideal balls gradation plus the suitable liner surface shape allows the mill to obtain maximum efficiency.

Original link: http://www.best-crushers.com/n206.htm

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