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Stovepipe cream is extremely powerful

18/03/14 Tags: 2 day diet japan lingzhi

If you just use just one stovepipe cream slimming far with a simple massage to lose weight would be better! Recommend a thin cream ranking the best weight loss products, then everybody in the utilisation of the time, with reasonable The massage action effect will be even better! elephant legs, quads, all all disappear! More info: original lida daidaihua
Coarse salt radish stovepipe cream
Material: white radish, coarse salt.
Role: the people of leg edema and obese .
Production Method: Wash, peel and white radish, radish skin juice in to the machine pressed into the mud juice stand, the radish evenly cut into the cylinder. Using the radish skin sauce evenly put on the lower limb, having a cylindrical radish as a massager, massage inside a circular motion on the calf picks up some coarse salt, action should be a little playful, coarse salt particles, so as not to bruise the skin.
Principle: white radish contains very rich in crude fiber and mustard oil, which is the removal of edema, Lee wet natural ingredients. Radish skin fiber richer and natured mild non-stimulating, dampened with coarse salt to improve friction, so that the circle massage fat burning better. Bathed every single day adhere to massage for 5-10 minutes, half calf can thin 3-5 cm magical effect oh.
First wipe on natural slimming cream, and then in turn in line with the following massage steps, so that the stovepipe cream effect is going to be good. More info: lida daidaihua
1 with both hands while pinching the calf from the leg muscles somewhere from the middle towards the upper and lower massage, changing by pinching muscle, both legs massage 3 minutes.
Like to wring the cloth around the screw leg calf muscle, changing from the ankle towards the knee screwed, adhere to 3 minutes on each leg.
3 hands holding the lower limb, thumb holding on the front from the calf from the leg, from the bottom up massage, repeated three times. As well as the thumb, fingers should increase efforts to massage the muscles. Adhere to 3 minutes on both legs .
(4) above the thumb on his knees, his hands holding the thigh muscle side pressing massage knee knee fossa side, stick to two minutes on both legs.
These stovepipe cream are be absord through the skin, stimulate cell metabolism to a fat loss weight reduction results, using the simple massage action to shed weight to be able to better enable the body to soak up!

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