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Buy Sublingual HCG for Easier HCG Administration Weight Loss

03/06/13 Tags: beauty, fashion, heatlh, weightloss

In terms of absorption efficiency the HCG hormone injection is the most effective method. HCG injections have an absorption rate of 100% while the absorption rate of the sublingual HCG is 95%. But sublingual HCG may have enough advantages to make it the preferred method by most dieters in the long run. First, the administration of sublingual HCG is uncomplicated and easy. You only have to position the drops under the tongue, squeeze a little and its finished. Second, it is less time-consuming compared to the injections where you have to prepare the shots yourself. Third, it is safer. Sublingual HCG can be taken in any environment. In contrast, HCG injections have to be administered in very sterile environment because injections are highly prone to contamination. Additionally, injections in inept hands can leave lacerations which may lead to infections if not immediately given attention. Fourth, sublingual HCG is cheaper than the injections. Bee Pollen Pills

Sublingual HCG has another advantage which is probably the most important of all. Dieters do not have to face the dreaded needles again. The injection method of administration is probably losing the program quite a few prospective clients. With the sublingual HCG people who previously have rejected the HCG weight loss treatment in the past have reason to look at the program a second time. Lida

DR. Simeons, the discoverer of HCG for weight loss and founder of the HCG weight loss program, original designed the program for home treatment. The sublingual HCG is perfect for DIY. Those who opted for this method, it is suggested, however, that they consult a doctor first before deciding to buy sublingual HCG. It would be a waste of money if they bought the hormone only to find out later that they have a health situation that can render the HCG weight loss method ineffective.Meizitang Botanical Slimming

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