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Best Running Time to Lose Weight in Winter


What is the best running time to lose weight?
There is no doubt that running can burn calories and lose weight. But in fact, if you run in different time, the effect will also have big difference. More info:lida daidaihua

Many people like to do exercises in the early morning. It is really a good habit. Before the time for breakfast is the best time to do jogging.
Usually, the consumption is transferred from carbohydrate when start jogging for 20 minutes. However fat will be burned after 20 minutes. So it is recognized that aerobic exercise should keep for more than 20 minutes in order to burn calories and lose weight.

To some people, it may be a little difficult to get up early everyday. It doesn’t matter. Do it about 3 times a week will also be ok. Try to enjoy the happiness when jog.

Except for early morning, Jogging before a meal is also a good choice. This time, you may feel a little hungry, and more energy offer will come from fat burning. So choose this time to jog will be more easy to burn calories. At the same time, jogging finished, need to have a rest to calm down and adjust the metabolism, then you will eat something, don’t worry, it almost have no effect with the weight. More info: lida daidaihua capsule

Some of people are used to jogging after a meal as they are only free this time. They go back home from work and finish the only meal without urgent. And decide to do some exercise. Actually, running after meal is not a good choice. As you just finish the diet, the stomach needs to digest the food input. Running will affect the function of stomach, eve leads to gastrointestinal discomfort.

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