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6 healthy breakfast to shed weight


lida daidaihua original have prepared a breakfast diet recipes, a number of nutritious and low-calorie foods, for example detoxification honey and oats, from morning to stomach a shower. Apple and tomato is the star diet food, so hearty a breakfast diet recipes, the development process can also be quite simple.
Apple macaroni
Material: Apple 1/3, 80 grams of pasta, 70 g quantity of carrots, broccoli appropriate amount of peas, lean ground meat, 60 grams of onion, tomato sauce, oil.
Production Method: boil a pot of water, into the macaroni, cooked macaroni and pour in cold water review the water, remove and drain water. Apples and carrots, washed and reduce Ding, broccoli and peas to be scalded with boiling water, boiled. Shredded onion in to the pan and saute, adding after the prepared minced meat, fry turn into the suggestions above alternate ingredients, stir to mix well.
2, almonds, honey oatmeal
Material: roasted almond slices 100 grams, 150 grams of cereal, raisins 100 grams, the amount of honey, milk, amount of salt.
Production methods: adding a suitable quantity of salt in the water to boil for a small fire, stirring slowly add the oatmeal, stirring, One minute. End under a pot, cover the lid after furnace cooling for 2 to three minutes could be added based on your taste milk, honey, almonds and raisins.

3, tomato Pineapple juice
Material: tomato, pineapple 3, the quantity of sugar.
Production Method: tomato clean, remove stalks and reduce small pieces, pineapple cleaned and reduce small pieces. Pour the chopped tomato and pineapple in juice machine, plus the amount of white water and a small amount of sugar, stirring, and finally filter out the residue can drink.
4, black sesame brown rice porridge
Material: 250 grams of brown rice, black sesame seeds 50 grams, sugar amount.
Production Method: brown rice washing clean, adding a suitable quantity of water in the pot, boil and pour into brown rice, cook stirring, slow boil over low heat 45 minutes when the water boils again. After adding appropriate amount of black sesame seeds and cook for 5 minutes, and lastly adding a tiny bit of sugar. More information: Effective diet pills
5, dried shrimps brown rice porridge
Material: 80 grams of dried shrimps, 200 grams of brown rice, 240 grams of small ribs, pepper to taste, salt to taste.
Production methods: advance brown rice washing clean 2 hours. After cleanup the ribs, take away the smell, dried shrimps, soaked in water to remove impurities. Boil a pot of water, the above mentioned prepared all material together underneath the wok, stirring gruel. Whenever a grain of rice and ribs are softened, add salt seasoning, and lastly adding a tiny bit of pepper.
6, the walnut pine nuts corn soup
Material: walnut 150 grams, 150 grams of pine nuts, 150 grams of corn stock quantity of crystal sugar, salad to taste.
Production Method: walnut and pine nuts pot fried cooked, add corn and also the amount of sugar within the broth, simmer over low heat, sprinkle some fried walnuts and pine nuts can last.
6 breakfast weight loss program is be recommend to every one by leisure 18 slimming coffee , even the need to hurry and don’t forget to eat breakfast, after breakfast, the body more energy, your body can easily to restore vitality, otherwise homemade nutritious and delicious breakfast, then with two White boiled eggs start working, the same satiety and refreshing.

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