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Pebble sand production line


Pebble sand production line, pebble sand is more common a sanding process. The advent of the process not only solved the existing natural gravel gradually depleted difficult problem, and it, the process of raw materials easy to get, and the sand production process is simple, less staff input, so in the current sand industry has a more Extensive application. Based on this, the following will be a cobblestone sand production line and a full set of sand making machine, a brief introduction to the knowledge, the specific details are as follows:
Cobblestone sand production line process
The stone material is sent to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder evenly, and then the resulting coarse material is conveyed by the belt conveyor to the counter-crusher for further crushing. The finely divided stone enters the vibrating screen. Small stone, to meet the pebble sanding machine feed grain size of the sand into the sand machine sand, the other part of the material into the back of the crusher to further broken. Into the sand made of a part of the sand made of sand, the sand washing machine (optional) after the finished product made of sand, did not meet the finished product size requirements of the material from the vibrating screen back to re-processing, the formation of closed several cycles.
customer feedback
1, the finished product sand shape: after the cobblestone sand production line treatment of gravel finished granule excellent, needle-like content is low, completely replace the natural gravel, for the current construction of sand production.
2, the production cost of less investment: the whole cobblestone production line in addition to the feed and motor switches need to take care of others, the other without additional personnel input, in addition, the production line of raw materials easy to get, but also conducive to saving raw material costs.
3, flexible equipment configuration: the type of sand production line according to different process requirements, a variety of sand making machine to combine, in order to meet the different requirements of the user.

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