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Great Significance of Mechanical Sand Development


Mechanical sand with regular shape refers to the sand processed by sand maker machine and other supporting equipment according to different processing requirements. Mechanical sand with obvious advantages is used in concrete construction to replace natural sand. Mechanical sand production line can be transformed on the base of basic production line in which jaw crusher is the major machine.

The promotion and application of mechanical sand is able to bring certain economic benefits for construction units so as to reduce environment pollution and improve the construction engineering quality. In people’s opinions, mechanical sand can avoid excessive mining and digging and protect farmland.

Mechanical sand will bring long-term social benefits and environmental benefits due to its wide source and stable quality. Therefore, relevant departments and construction units positively adopt it.

Mechanical sand production line is made up of feeding machine, jaw crusher, sand maker, vibration screen and belt conveyor. According to different workmanship requirements, customers can be satisfied with different equipment with various sizes. This production line is low in operation cost, high in automation degree, large in crushing ratio, high in yield and convenient in maintenance. The mechanical sand is qualified with the national building sand standard due to its even granularity, fine shape and reasonable grading.

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