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Planetary concrete mixer is suitable for customers’ demands


DASWELL MP Series concrete pan mixer has vertical mixing shaft. Its mixing motion has both revolution and rotation, with the advantages of complex track, turbulent mixing, high quality concrete production, high efficiency, low maintenance, etc. In addition, the skip hopper, the weighing system are optional, customers can choose or not according to their actual application.


DASWELL MP Series planetary concrete mixer not only applies to produce common commercial concrete but also precast concrete. It is widely used to produce building blocks and prefabricated parts, and also can be used to produce steel fiber reinforced concrete, color concrete and dry mortar, etc.


1. Turbulent mixing, high efficiency. The heavy duty gear box drives the mixing arms to mix the materials turbulently, and the mixer works efficiently.

2. Complicated motion track, homogeneous mixing. The blades are fixed on mixing arms and the scrapers are equipped on scraping arms, they do not only revolution, but also rotation, it ensures the homogeneity of the concrete.

3. Multiple Discharge Choice. According to customers’ various demands, the discharging gate can be designed to open hydraulically, pneumatically or manually.

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