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Turn laptops over and take away the eleven screws through the bottom with the laptop


Turn laptops over and take away the eleven screws through the bottom with the laptop

You possibly can open a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop to alter components including the system fan, processor and motherboard. However, so as to open notebook, several components need to be removed. If this is your first-time dismemberment aspects of the 1501, it is recommended that you take pictures to steer reassembly and to keep any loose screws together. Use a question? Get an answer from a Nerd now!

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Things You will require

Asus G50V-X5 battery



Turn the laptop finished the lower facing up, along with the hinges towards the top.


Get rid of the battery from the laptop. Push the battery release get onto the bottom of notebook. The Asus G50VM(All) battery will turn up which enables it to then be removed.


Take away the screw securing the optical drive in place. There is a screw labeled having a lock icon, left of the location where the battery latch is (around the left on the laptop, trace a line in the core drive towards middle of the laptop until you see the screw). Asus G50VM-A1 battery


Pull the optical expectorate of the laptop. If the screw is removed, the optical drive should be loose enough to get got out in the laptop.


Unscrew and remove the hard drive. The hard drive is situated about the opposite side from the optical drive, just below the battery. There are two screws, about two inches apart across the right edge of the foot of notebook, immediately beneath battery space. Pull the hard drive off to the right to clear out it. Asus G50VM-A2 battery


Remove the cover for the RAM. The cover is directly within the battery release latch and is particularly vented. The two screws about the left fringe of the cover that need to get removed.


Push the metal clips in the nearly everywhere of the memory module away from one another, simultaneously. The memory will turn up at an angle which enables it to then be removed. Offer the memory by its edges. Repeat while using the second memory module, when there is one installed. Asus G50VM-DP01 battery


Take away the two screws in the top all over the place corners of the Asus G50VM-X1 battery . Also, eliminate the two screws situated on the back in the laptop (along side it with the hinges), in the very all over the place from the laptop.


Turn the laptop over and open the display.


Insert a compact flat-head screwdriver just above the laptop keyboard, involving the hinge cover and the laptop. It has an indent above the laptop keyboard where the hinge cover (the strip of plastic with all the power button onto it) is located. Gently lift the hinge cover while using the screwdriver, then separate it on the Asus G50VT(All) battery by pulling it from right to left. There are plastic clips which will detach in the hinge cover.


Remove the two screws above the F5 and Insert keys within the keyboard, then lift the laptop keyboard over laptop slightly.


Lift small latch holding laptop keyboards connector towards motherboard, then pull the laptop keyboard out and take away it from the Asus G50VT-A1 battery . The little latch is found directly above the track pad, during notebook.


Get rid of the two screws from the top everywhere you look hand corner in the laptop that hold secure the hinges of the display unit.


Disconnect the white and black cables through the mini-card within the Asus G50VT-A2 battery . The cables are placed for the very right with the laptop, less than the hinges.


Unscrew the grounding wire left of the white and black cables, then pull up the black pull-tab to the left from the screw to disconnect the display cable from your motherboard. Take away the display from your laptop.


Remove the screw located on to the best of the spot that the display cable was attached to the laptop. Also, disconnect the touch pad from your motherboard. The touch pad connector is just above the touch pad, inside same space the spot that the keyboard was attached to the motherboard (right of the circular battery). Asus G50VT-AK097K battery


Turn internet connected computers over and remove the eleven screws in the bottom from the laptop. There’s two down the middle of the most notable edge (the inside the place that the hinges were) and four across the base. Additionally , there are two along the right edge, and one on to the suitable in the Asus G50VT-B1 battery release latch. The ultimate two are on underneath-left corner on the laptop, just above the vent.


Lift the top cover from the laptop to completely start the 1501 laptop.


  • Asus G50VT-BBB battery
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