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Concrete mixers can be divided into mobile and non-mobile


Concrete mixers can be divided into mobile and non-mobile, mobile concrete mixer blender with wheels, we JZC series mobile concrete mixer blender, mobile mixer convenient short distance moving, short distance moves directly promote the mixer can be, but need to pay attention when in use in some places, for about the need to pay attention to instructions place?

First parked position mobile mobile concrete mixer with wheels, so it is relatively flexible, the parked position must pay attention to, the best on a relatively flat position, in order to ensure its smooth; if the short-term use as long as they secure tire , avoid it easy to slide; if necessary mixer long hours of work, it would need to tire unloaded, safekeeping, axle end oil cloth tied with sleepers rack will be paving the branch firmly.

Note use of mobile concrete mixer is essentially the same, as long as it is operating correctly, proper maintenance like other mixer. Then move when you need to pay attention to the problem of the long-distance moving needs carted need to pay attention is fixed to avoid a collision; short distance movement need to pay attention to the mobile body to ensure the smooth speed stability should avoid the collision; need to pay attention to long-distance and short-distance mobile hopper must take to upgrade to the highest point, and locked with chains or latches.

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