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rock breaker-rock crushing plant


Rock crusher, namely rock crushing plant , can be classified into jaw crusher , impactor crusher , hammer crusher , cone crusher , etc. When the rock particle size is between 125 mm- 1020 mm, it can be crushed by jaw crusher for coarse crushing; when the material particle size is between 100-500mm, it can be crushed by impactor crusher; hammer crusher is generally used for crushing materials such as coal and lime; cone crusher has large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption and uniform product size, suitable for the medium and fine crushing process of various kinds of ores and rocks; impact crusher has small energy consumption, high yield, big crushing ratio, suitable for fine grinding and reshaping.


Rock crusher performance characteristics:
1. Big feeding mouth, high crushing cavity, strong adaptability to the high hardness material.
2. Small power consumption.
3. Novel hammer head, huge impact.
4. Adjustable hammer shaft installation, long life of hammer head.
5. Adjustable grid size, controlled product particle size, good particle shape.
6. Reversible case and convenient maintenance.
7. Square shank bolt is with high impact-resistance and wear-resistance.
8. Compact structure, strong rigidity.
9. Spell structure, convenient handling and installation.
10. Full crushing function, high efficiency, small parts abrasion, remarkable comprehensive benefit.

Original link: http://www.china-crusher.com/news302.htm

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