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Do you know the pros and cons of makeup towels?

22/11/17 Tags: 美容,护肤

Cleansing wipes handy, wipe gently took daytime make-up and dirt, save a lot of steps and time, however, no harm it really Gabriel, now on the market there are more and more cleansing products, cleansing oil, cleansing water, and cleansing wipes, many mm feel easy to use remover easy to carry, do not buy another cotton, but it really harm?


Using makeup remover wipes will have residual dirt left on the skin

Cleansing wipes have the same cleansing ingredients as normal facial cleansers, and they rely on surfactants and emulsifiers to dissolve makeup, grease, and dead skin. So what is the essential difference between them?

Answer: remover wipes out the steps of water flushing, so it still leaves a little dirt on the skin.


A lot of makeup wipes will stimulate the skin

The skin is likely to be stimulated by active cleansing ingredients, high concentrations of dissolved agents, surfactants and emulsifying residues. These ingredients are especially exciting for people with dry and sensitive skin. Some cleansing wipes containing alcohol can also cause stinging pain.

Cleansing wipes special packaging need to add preservatives to extend shelf life, so the skin may also be attacked by formaldehyde and other chemicals. In addition, we use wipe action using makeup wipes, wash face with water, and the face of the friction surface is larger, more likely to stimulate the skin.

Remover wipes can be used as an emergency

In the time constraints or limited conditions, such as travel, camping, go to the gym and other places can not guarantee that you can wash your face with cleanser and water, then remover wipes is a good alternative. For oily skin or acne skin people, in the absence of clean water occasion, it is even more necessary.

Of course, long eczema and rosacea had better avoid the use of cleansing wipes, because the skin irritation will aggravate the symptoms.

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