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How to maintain and care for concrete mixers


What is the secret of the maintenance of the concrete mixer? How to maintain the concrete mixer?

We all know that maintenance can improve the efficiency of the concrete mixer at work, and can extend the using life of the concrete mixer. What is the secret of the maintenance of the concrete mixer? How to maintain a concrete mixer?

The following is that technical staff of DASWELL share with you how to care for the concrete mixer?

A. You must ensure the body of concrete mixer clean and remove the body of dirt and obstructions.

B. The concrete mixer should check the lubrication at the oil circuit and control equipment before ready to work every day and filling oil.

C. The concrete mixer must be two leakage protection , and after the poyour is turned on, you must carefully check.

D. Before daily work you must check whether the flexible and reliable transmission is clutch and brake, wire rope is damaged and track pulley is good.

E. When the concrete mixer is operation of the process, you should check whether the noise of the motor, speed reducer and transmission gear is normal, and the temperature is too high.

F.When the concrete mixer is turned on every time, you must check whether the various components is functioning properly. Shutdown, do not forget to check whether the mixer blade is bent, G. After work of the concrete mixer, you must carefully cleaned the concrete mixer.

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