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grinding plant–stone flour mill-rock grinder


Stone flour milling machine is mainly composed of mainframe, blower, super fineness analyzer, finished product cyclone powder collector, bag dust catcher and connecting duct and so on; according to customer needs, it also can be equipped with hoist, surge bin, electric control cabinet, feeding machine, crusher and other auxiliary equipment.

In mill grinding chamber, roller assembly hangs in roller hanger through the crossing shaft; roller hanger is fixed with spindle and shovel head; pressure spring is tightly pressed on the cantilever end of roller bearing chamber by pull rod; when the motor rotates, the shovel that installed on the shovel frame synchronously rotates with roller; driven by motor, analyzer drives impeller to rotate and the rotation of analyzer decides powder fineness.

Main performance characteristics of the grinding plant:
1. Wide application scope, especially suitable for various materials with hardness below level 6.
2. Under the action of high pressure spring, fineness of finished product is greatly increased.
3. Compared with jet mill system, rock grinder has low energy consumption.
4. Less investment, high efficiency, fast recycling.
5. Less production links, the material 25 mm below can be directly sent into the machine.
6. Without pollution, dust removal effect fully meets the national standards.
7. Roller device is with goods sealing effect.
Henan Hongxing machine co., LTD is specialized in the production and processing of stone flour mill , rock grinder , rod grinding machine and coal grinding mill; welcome to choose and buy milling equipment that produced by our company.

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