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Attention to concrete mixer simple process small details


In fact, the work of the concrete mixer is a very simple process, as long as the attention to small details, very simple operation on the back, but if not careful it will bring a lot of trouble, are some of the details of what it? We’ll explain.

Before the first concrete mixer work on various parts of the mixer, check this essential step, safety hazard or does not work properly must be timely maintenance and update, then check the mixer placement is stable, power wiring correct; check the site each need to add the oil has been added; want to focus on examination of the rise and fall of the power supply voltage magnitude can not exceed 5% of the rated motor wiring and electrical components must be securely protect access to zero or ground resistance to compliance; work, the first concrete mixer air operation will observe everything is normal, the average speed if normal began to put the materials, discharge of materials too, can not be too slow or too fast; certain operators put the material must pay attention to safety Do not reach into the blender head or hand barrel, of course, the tools can not extend into; work in concrete mixer undergoing repairs after the failure will have to stop stirring barrel materials unloading all out; to add a new stirring barrel Add in the material must be original material in the mixer after unloading all out, be careful not to overload; work speak mixer clean is a must, if the mixer is temporarily not working to good rain, lightning protection work, the power must pull out and safekeeping, to prevent water.

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