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The failure phenomenon about non-discharge of concrete mixer


When we use concrete mixer, we will encounter the non-discharge phenomenon.

Meeting this failure, the general mixer webmasters will think their concrete mixers fails and then check their concrete mixers, but they discovered that there is no fault with their concrete mixers in the end. However where failure with their concrete mixers, we will come to explain to you.

Under normal circumstances, concrete mixer, mixing time mixer to zero after the automatic discharge, press the pause button of the operation stage in the production process to a mixing time, there is no discharge mixer. At this time the solenoid valve on the first check of the concrete mixer discharge gate, to see whether the solenoid valve is damaged, the solenoid valve is damaged discharge door will not open, the mixer will naturally not discharge, electromagnetic valve for maintenance. If it were not need to check the operation stage solenoid valve failure when the pause button is pressed, if not press on the press. If the button of the operation stage there is no problem you need to check the computer’s monitor interface, look at monitoring the prohibition of the discharge control interface is activated, if activated immediately canceled. If none of the above problem is the concrete mixer is broken, need to check on the mixer.

When concrete mixer is not discharge, we should first check the above mentioned.After checking the above mentioned with no problem and then checking the concrete mixer will save a lot of trouble, so that increased the efficiency to solve the fault.

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