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Something users do not know about JS series twin shaft concrete mixer


Many users may ask these questions, what is concrete mixer? Which of them is better? In fact, as our manufacturers, each model of the mixer has a different place and has its own unique “secret”.

JS Series twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer, easy to control the amount of water, mixing power, small power consumption, strong power, this mixer is mainly used in concrete mixing station, because of the high degree of automation, the mixing quality; the JZM series friction concrete mixer mixing drum is made of rubber the tugboat friction wheel drive, stability factor, smooth transmission, low noise; JZC diesel engine concrete mixer, not only electricity but also the characteristics of the diesel is designed for some electricity inconvenient. very suitable for export; JZC ladder concrete mixer, an up to 17-25 m ladder, thus saving the concrete conveying equipment, is very convenient.

In fact, each of which models are our technical staff for the user’s design, which is why each type of concrete mixer has its own unique secret and unique features .

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