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Hongxing Spiral Concentrator Promotes The Productivity


The spiral concentrator is the optimum equipment for mining and mineral processing. Especially for the placer mining in the seaside, river, sand beach and brook, the spiral chute is more desirable. The spiral chute separator has the advantages of light weight, moisture-proof, antirust, corrosion-resistant, strong adaptability to the feeding and the fluctuations in concentration, particle size and grade, no noise and so on.This equipment applies to the sorting of fine minerals whose particle size is from 0.3 – 0.02 mm such as iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, zircon, rutile, monazite, tungsten ore, tin, niobium ore as well as other non-ferrous metals with differences in the proportion, rare metals and non-metallic minerals. In addition, the spiral chute is easy to operate with stable sorting process, the allowed changing range of feeding concentration is wide, the water consumption is low and other advantages.he rotary sieve is mainly composed by motor, reducer, drum unit and rack. Rotary sieve drum unit is equipped with sealing cap thus effectively prevent dust to escape in the working course, avoiding prevent dust pollution. Just open the body sealing cap can reach the replacement of screen, easy to operate.

Rotary kiln is the material moves from top to bottom, it includes the material in the calcimine process shrinkage caused by the motion of the materials and the lower part of the material discharging and caused the whole kiln material movement. If the Rotary kilnhas suitable to expand export, contraction of the material drop impact is very small. Therefore, kiln material velocity depends mainly on the clinker discharging amount, i.e. rotary kiln production. But the movement of materials and the material calcimine rate of speed must adapt, and calcimine rate in calcinations temperature, gas velocity, heat transfer, material particle size, particle size and other factors related to combustion.

The sawdust itself has characteristics of high humidity and high adhesion, so, during the drying process, the wet sawdust should be fed into the sawdust scattered equipment via the Belt conveyor , the block wet sawdust after quickly thrashing will experience four working areas after entering the negative pressure dryer. Feeder guiding area, wet sawdust will rapidly evaporate large amounts of water after entering into this area and contacting with high temperature negative pressure hot air, so wet sawdust will be imported to next work area without forming a bond.Sawdust can fully dry in the rotating cylinder, and sawdust in the material conveying pipe again before fully dispersed, so that the moisture to evaporate quickly, block can be blocked impurity sawdust in, to ensure access to material conveying pipe in sawdust quality. Sawdust into sawdust dryer by blowing with the rotary cylinder interaction, the material in the barrel of fluidized air and material, full contact, complete drying. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use etc..

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