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Forced concrete mixer common failure and treatment


Forced concrete mixer common failure and treatment

1) Tightness car by mixing shaft

Reason analysis:

1. Serious overload

2. There is big foreign material between mixing blade or side blade and the tank inner wall

3. Electrical machine belt is too loose.


1. Readjustment feeding material quality, discharge the unnecessary material

2. Manual removal the foreign material and readjust the control gap

3. Adjust the tension device and strain the belt

2) There is abnormal sound during mixing

Reason analysis:

There is excessive gap between blade or end scraper and the tank inner wall.

Treatment: Adjust the gap to reach the requirement.

3) Serious noise of reducer

Reason analysis:

1. There is foreign material in cabinet. 2. Bearing failure

Treatment: 1. Clear away the foreign material, and repair or renew the damage parts.

2. Renew the bearing.

4) High temperature of reducer

Reason analysis:

1. The viscosity of oil is too high or too low 2. Bearing failure

Treatment: 1. Let out the old oil and replenish new oil. 2. Renew the bearing.

5) Both ends shaft temperature of agitator tank is too high.

Reason analysis: 1.Bearing failure 2. Oil supply is no enough

Treatment: 1. Renew the bearing 2. Fill the lubricating oil as the specified requirement

6) Shaft end appears mud leakage

Reason analysis: the float seal is damaged

Treatment: renew the float seal

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