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Affecting the quality of the concrete factors from concrete mixer


During the process of concrete mixing equipment production, each link executing agency works orderly under the control of automatic control system, but due to the production site environment factors: vibration, temperature and humidity may lead to a failure executing agency of a certain link, such as the host repeated feeding, slump out of control, excessive additives, and so on, thus affecting the quality of the concrete.

In order to ensure the concrete quality, there are the following protection measures:

1). According to the different mechanical structure and properties of materials, slow batching value, the drop value, and buckles that amount will be automatically adjusted in advance, or you can manually adjust the weight change detection and zero-tracking capabilities.

2) Measure scale and mixing cylinder have memory protection function during the time of power failure, and this effectively prevents second feeding.

3) Professional zero and indexing sign protection effectively prevent the wrong adjustment.

4) Software logging in and electronic scale adjustment need the user’s password, this effectively ensure the security of important production data.

5) Automatic repairing scale: when the weighing value < desired value allowable error, the system automatically opens ingredients agencies to fill repairing scale functionality.

6) Improved automatic distribution form, automatically equal distribution ingredients, reducing the fluctuations in the fall to improve measurement accuracy.

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