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The splendid advantages of new HPC jaw crusher


The form of the commonly used lubricant is solid and oil mist lubricant. The former one refers to the lubricant that makes use of solid powder, film or composite material as the lubrication materials and it can be divided in to soft metals, metal compounds, non-metallic and other inorganic and organic matters these main four types; the latter mainly uses oil and mist lubricating equipment to transform the oil into mist form and transit and spread it into the lubricating parts, and its advantages are effective and high working efficiency, and what is more, it can produce a lot of heat in order to decrease the working temperature of the ball mill and bring with it the grinding materials and light dust particles and reduce the oil consumption.

1.The new series of HPC cone crusher with high-efficiency and hydraulic pressure equipment is adopted three protecting equipment such as protecting oilcan, locking oilcan and hydraulic driving oilcan. They not only protect the machinery, but could deal with troubles without disassembly the parts. For this reason, it has moreadvantages compared with traditional jaw crusher series.

2.The equipment also can adjust the size of final material. The machinery with high dependability operated very expediently.The main problems existing in the manufacturing of large-sized ball grinder in our country are the manufacturing level and the quality of the driving system such as coupling rack wheel and main bearing are not very high. As for the driving methods of the ball grinder, the start of the large sized ball grinding devices, the change devices of the lining plate, automatic control and the application of high-abrasive material still have gaps compared with the advanced ones. For this reason, at same time of keeping the existing size of the grinding machine, researching mills that has low energy consumption and high efficiency and that is able to conform to various kinds of grinding requirement is conformed to the industrial development demand in our country.

3. The crushing chamber specially designed according to particles sink principal and its matching speed can sharply increase the crushing ratio, output and content percentage of cubical product in final crushed material.Our company has been adhering to the concept of ‘people-oriented, customer supremacy, development and innovation’. We are able to provide our customers not only the highest quality products at the most favorable price, but also the most reasonable suggestion of equipments, optimum process configuration, and a full range of technical support. In pursuit of bringing customers the most benefits with minimal investment, we have been trying our best to help customers in any case!

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