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The main application and structure of jaw crusher


These applications are certainly appropriate in the material handling industry. They are being implemented throughout the industry and established programs are starting to realize the many benefits of a vibration analysis program. However, there is a piece of equipment indigenous to this industry that escapes the more traditional analysts, the vibrating screen. They are normally passed over on the initial sight assessment due to their large and seemingly violent motion. However, the vibration analyzer is capable of providing a wealth of data that can help both maintenance and production get full utilization out of their vibrating screen machine.YTS cylindrical mining screen according to different requirements of classification, the classification series from fine to coarse for the general section 1-4, materials from fine to coarse were the last one from the first section to screen out screen, larger than the last one screen hole section from the discharge port of materials. YTS cylindrical rotary screen during use, running slow and even, shock and vibration is small, smooth, its installation is simple, and sometimes do not even need a special foundation. The machine easily closed dust collection, maintenance of small, simple maintenance, long service life. Is a refractory material, coal, sand classification, grading gravel pieces of equipment are often used.Rotary vibrating screen machine features:

1. Material adaptability: rotary screen used in a variety of materials screening, whether it is low quality coal, coal slurry, or soot, and other class materials are smooth screening.

2. Feed is simple and diverse: Our company has developed a rotary screen inlet can be designed according to the actual site, both belts, feed hopper or other means, do not take special measures can be smoothly feed.

3. High efficiency: The device can be equipped with comb-type sieve bodies, the screening process, regardless of the material into the sieve tube dirtier, more complex can be screening, screening to improve the efficiency of the equipment.

4. Screening large, easy-to-large scale The same size, the circular area of the area than other shapes were greater, so the effective area of screening on major, so materials can have full access to screen, so the amount per unit time on major internal screening. Because of its simple structure, convenient layout, new technology and the maturity and features, easily large scale.The shaking screen is supported on all four corners by either steel springs or rubber “donuts”, and it can either rest on the floor or be suspended by rods or chain. The motion of the mining screen is provided by an eccentric shaft. This shaft is inside a housing that serves as the mount for the bearing. Screens can have up to three shafts, each in their respective housing.

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