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Patent mill is a pivotal equipment in smashing material


Hongxing rotary kiln, which is one of the most used mining crusher machines in the ore beneficiation plant, is composed of gas flow, fuel combustion, the process of heat transfer and movement of materials. Rotary kiln is to fully burn the fuel and to make the fuel combustion heat pass to material which has a series of physical and chemical changes after accepting heat. Then it becomes the finished clinker. Building materials industry, the constant sharp rotary kiln calcination of raw materials to make it dimensionally stable, increase strength, and then molding process.If the ball mill grinding granularity mine too, dissociation is not sufficient, elected concentrate grade and recovery rates are low. Friends may ask: that is not the particle size of the ore grinding the finer, more sperm will be better. Of course not, if worn too fine, will produce more difficult to elect other fine particles that appear “too crushed. Over crushed not only endanger the sorting process, reduce the concentrate grade and recovery, and do the “unnecessary crushed” to increase the consumption of the process of crushing and sorting process, so that the processing cost increase.Ball mills are used extensively in the mechanical alloying process[1] in which they are not only used for grinding but for cold welding as well, with the purpose of producing alloys from powders.

Head of the rotary kiln is material part of the rotary kiln diameter than the rotary kiln diameter, sealed stainless steel fish-scale films and kiln, the main part of a manhole, coal injection mouth, car, observation holes and other parts. It is the main body of the rotary kiln (rotary kiln), usually 30 to 150 meters long, cylindrical, the middle three to five rolling ring.

Multi-cylinder from the factory processed into 3 to 10 above, welded by a large truck transportation to the destination. Part of the rolling circle, commonly known as (tire ring) from the molten steel casting, rolling circle part of the kiln due to the load-bearing so slightly thicker than other parts of the kiln steel. Support tugs, the part of the kiln body and corresponding to the rolling circle connected to the foundation, load-bearing pillars of the entire rotary kiln. Usually a set of rollers, is composed of two roller and two blocked round. Rotary kiln in the normal operation of the inside to be covered with refractory bric


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