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Maybe your diet needs a second look li shou slimming capsule

13/06/13 Tags: adwords

You may find that you have more energy. An acquaintance, a 37-year-old father, has not made much progress li shou slimming capsule losing weight, but he feels more energetic after embarking on a fitness regiment. He is able play football with his kids these days, whereas he used to give excuses about “an old knee injury.” That elation cannot be measured on a scale.

But, after killing yourself at the gym, if the reading on the scale is not what you hoped for, don’t beat yourself up. Step back and ask yourself what has improved. Did anyone comment enviously on your biceps recently? Muscle is heavier than fat, and as you create more muscle you invariably gain weight. The good news is that as you continue to gain more muscle, you will lose more fat and end up fitter and looking more toned.

Maybe your diet needs a second look. My friend is a self-confessed salty snack food addict. And salt attracts water, which causes weight gain through water retention. One way to check if this is happening is by seeing if your waist measurement has stayed the same, yet you gained weight. This suggests water retention.

Sleep deprivation can also contribute to weight gain, so if you tend to toss and turn in the dark for hours, you may be adding kilos. Research has shown that lack of sleep may cause your body to have a higher level of body fat than those who have sufficient sleep. A hormonal imbalance could be another reason for weight gain, despite a healthy lifestyle.

At the end of the day, the number on the meizitang scale is just that — a number — as my teenage daughter often tells me. She hardly weighs herself and concentrates more on playing sports and eating balanced meals. Her motto is “let your clothes be the judge.” While we shouldn’t ditch the scale completely, we should not be a slave to it, either!

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