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What do you do after tanning in summer? Do this to get you back!


How fast whitening after tanning do you know? Summer UV is relatively strong, so you must pay attention when you go out.

1, disable the sun hot water wash

The sun’s skin to avoid using hot water wash, because the suntanned skin is fragile, wash with hot water will make the skin telangiectasia, congestion, skin erythema or sunburn.

In order to avoid the occurrence of such a situation, wash your face, wait for the skin under normal temperature, with cold water to wash the face of the skin. To give the skin calm and eliminate hot effect, can prevent melanin precipitation.


2, vitamin supplements

Vitamin A, C, E etc., can not only regulate human performance and enhance immunity, but also improve the skin tissue, inhibit pigmentation, so eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, such as tomatoes, hawthorn, oranges, cabbage etc., can replenish skin vitality.

3, drink plenty of water

In fact, whitening has one of the most simple and most affordable method, that is to drink plenty of water, water is the source of life, but many people think that water does not have such a big effect, then drink water really whitening?

Water whitening should pay attention to water supplement, moderate water supplement to the cells can take away the old waste in the body.

Usually ultraviolet radiation causes skin melanin pigment hyperplasia, the amount of added water can promote the The new supersedes the old. make faster removal, this method is better than the skin care products from the skin to add moisture to it.


4. Use moisturizing spray

After the sun, the skin moisture loss, keep the moisture of the skin is sufficient, is the first condition of the whole body whitening. At this time it is best to use moisturizing spray, small molecular weight, can penetrate through the skin directly into the skin, often spray on the face. After use, remember to follow the moisturizing oh.

The use of whitening lotion to face can effectively save the sun’s skin, if conditions allow, can put make-up water in the refrigerator chilled in the usual time, when need to face out, can be used at attaining a whitening effect, the effect is good.


5, apply mask replenishment

By the sun after the skin will be in a dry state, this time is very important to strengthen pay, you can use moisturizing mask at attaining, can reduce the temperature of the surface of the skin, calm and soothe the skin, keep skin moist, restore suntanned skin elasticity, make skin white and smooth.

Oranges can’t be eaten with these kinds of food



Winter temper, eat some oranges can fire skin, but also eat oranges and orange taboo, you know not what you eat together? There are several food and orange G, the following details about what food cannot eat together, and oranges.


Oranges contain tannin, and shrimp are rich in calcium. The same food will attack not easy digestion of substances, easy to stimulate the stomach, vomiting and other signs.


Clam meat is cold, salty, nourishing Yin, resolving phlegm, softening and diuresis. It has the effect of Nourishing Yin, improving eyesight, softening and resolving phlegm. But eat clams do not eat oranges, because clams and oranges together, will affect the absorption of vitamin C.


Influence of areca has expectorant, Kuanxiong antiemetic, sober, and anthelmintic digestion, but avoid oranges and areca eat together with the food, will lead to physical discomfort. So in edible orange after Jichi betel nut.


Oranges and pork should not be eaten together. The tannin in oranges will combine with the protein in pork to produce substances which are not conducive to human digestion, resulting in nausea, abdominal pain and other symptoms.


Do not drink milk within 1 hours before and after eating oranges, because the protein in milk meets acid will solidify, affect digestion and absorption, but also abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea.




壹直以來我們都知道空氣汙染會增加心臟病發作的風險,但妳知道不同血型的人患病風險也千差萬別嗎?據英國《電訊報》11月14日報道,科學家們在美國心臟協會(AHA)科學會議上發表了壹項長達14年的研究,在重度空氣汙染的環境下,相比起 O 型血的人, A型、B型和 AB型血型的人有更大的風險患上心血管疾病。

PM2.5計數是目前國際上通用的空氣質量判斷指標。PM2.5細顆粒物指環境空氣中空氣動力學當量直徑小於等於微米2.5的顆粒物。它能較長時間懸浮於空氣中,其在空氣中含量濃度越高,就代表空氣汙染越嚴重。我國 PM2.5檢測網的空氣質量新標準,24小時平均值標準值分布如下:


研究來自於美國猶他州山間醫學中心,研究人員發現空氣汙染對O型血的人影響最小,在重度空氣汙染的環境中,他們心臟病發作或是胸痛的風險僅升高了40%;而對於其他血型(A型、B型和 AB型)的人來說,風險竟是之前的兩倍。

該研究發現,對於每增加每立方米中的 PM2.5每增加10微克,會使A型、B型或AB型血液的人的心臟病發作的風險增加了25 %,但對O型血的人來說風險只增加10 %。科學家提供了壹種可能的解釋,非O型血的人血液中有更多的凝血組織,因此患心血管疾病可能性更大。



Can wine be drunk after expiration?



Wine is what we usually say red wine, red wine is very popular with people, it seems to represent a person’s taste. Of course, wine can not completely replace the position of our traditional liquor in the minds of Chinese people, The best way to reduce labour in refilling vape cartridge is by getting an oil filling machine! They have a small table top design and come with a year’s warranty. So, do some work with this machine!but in different occasions need to drink different wine, drinking red wine occasions are generally more solemn. We don’t discuss these issues today. What we need to know today is the question of whether or not wine can be drunk after the expiry date.


For liquor, it does not expire, saying that the liquor is the better the better. Is that the same with wine? In fact, Wine abroad, there is no shelf life of that in general, people can experience and knowledge to identify the best Wine drinking period, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations must be indicated on the label shelf-life is characteristic of our country. For example, the dry red wine and dry white wine have roughly half a year to a year, the wine is spent in the winery, when the factory has entered the mature period of young adults, five or six years later, gradually entered the aging period. Therefore, according to the factory date, within five or six years belong to the best wine drinking period. The shelf life of wine is an inexact concept. Not in the shelf life, quality is no problem, after the shelf life, quality problems, can not drink. In fact, the wine passed the shelf life can still drink.


Whether or not expired wine can be normal drinking, the key is to see the quality of wine and preservation conditions, if there is no deterioration, then it is also drinkable. But also need to pay attention to a problem, Wine is open a bottle of preservation and open bottle is completely different, we know Wine alcohol is below twenty degrees, if open the bottle, place a long time easy fermentation, bacterial invasion and metamorphism. Therefore, it is better not to drink for this kind of wine. Of course, if you open a bottle of Wine proper custody, not bad, so as to drink, Wine poured in part after drinking, must be sealed as soon as possible, generally only need the original cork plug back. Cold storage should be done at the same time. The wine is exposed to air and fungi after being opened, so it needs to be put into the refrigerator for cold storage and low temperature to inhibit the oxidation of wine and the growth of fungi. It is necessary to have considerable experience and wine knowledge to judge whether an expired wine can continue to drink. If not sure, it is advisable to be careful.


Oblečte dieťa v zime správne!


Veľa mamičiek rieši neustále dilemu, ako správne obliecť dieťa do chladného, jesenného či zimného počasia. Niekto skôr preferuje obliecť dieťa viac, aby mal istotu, že neprechladne, niekto sa zasa prikláňa k teórii zdravého otužovania a nechce dieťa zbytočne prehrievať. Ako nájsť ten správny kompromis? Určite ste už počuli o vrstvení oblečenia a ak aj náhodou nie, povieme si o tom trochu viac do hĺbky. Oblečenie by sa malo skladať z troch základných vrstiev, pri ktorých je dôležité ich materiálové zloženie.

Prvá vrstva, spodná, plní funkciu odvádzať pot a vlhkosť ďalej od tela a tým zabezpečiť pocit tepla a sucha. Keďže je v kontakte priamo s detskou pokožkou, mala by byť s prírodného materiálu ako je bavlna, vlna, prípadne ich zmes pre lepšie vlastnosti. Pre maličké deti, ktoré sa ešte veľa nehýbu je ideálna biela 100% bavlna, ktorá neobsahuje žiadne farbivá, na ktoré môže byť detská pokožka mimoriadne citlivá. Pre staršie deti, ktoré sú aktívne, hýbu sa a potia, existujú rôzne zmesi vlny. Vlna je ideálna na udržiavanie tepelného komfortu, ale samotná vlna je kúsavá, preto sú lepšie zmesi, ktoré vedia zabezpečiť väčšiu jemnosť, prípadne pružnosť materiálu a sú pre dieťa pohodlnou a príjemnou voľbou.


Druhá vrstva je tepelný izolant, je to hrejivá vrstva, ktorá má v chladnom počasí dodávať tepelný komfort a pritom by nemala brániť prestupu vlhkosti ďalej od tela. Keďže vzduch najlepšie izoluje, táto vrstva by ho mala vedieť v svojej štruktúre udržať čo najviac. Druhá vrstva býva často z umelých materiálov ako je fleece. V studenom a vlhkom počasí, keď už klasické materiály nepracujú si fleece dokáže udržať svoje termoizolačné vlastnosti pričom je jemný, mäkký a rýchlo schne.

Tretia vrstva by mala mať niekoľko základných vlastností. Chrániť voči vetru, vode, ale zároveň byť priedušná a pri deťoch aj oderuvzdorná, aby oblečenie čosi vydržalo, keďže deti vedia dať oblečeniu poriadne zabrať. Do veľmi chladného počasia sú ideálne páperové výrobky, ktoré majú najlepšie termoizolačné schopnosti a pritom sú ľahké a skladné. Do vlhkého počasia, keď páperie stráca svoje termoizolačné schopnosti, sú zasa lepšie umelé materiály, ktoré si vedia udržať svoje vlastnosti aj pri zmene vlhkosti.


Problém je, že kvalitného zimného detského oblečenia je na Slovensku nedostatok. Veľké reťazce sa cenou aj dizajnom oblečenia tlačia na prvé priečky v predaji, ale materiálovo a kvalitatívne pokrivkávajú. Kúpiť vlnené detské termoprádlo alebo funkčnú, prípadne páperovú zimnú detskú bundu či detský zimný overal je u nás problém. Nestalo sa Vám niekedy, že ste kúpili krásnu zimnú detskú bundu, ale po prvom praní ste ju mohli vyhodiť, prípadne v nej bolo dieťaťu zima? Niekedy sa oplatí radšej zainvestovať viac a byť si istý, že sa môžem na oblečenie spoľahnúť a dieťaťu v nom nebude zima. Kto iní, ak nie takí severania vedia o zimnom oblečení viac. Ak ste ešte nepočuli o Fínskej značke Reima tak je na čase dozvedieť sa viac. Predáva celosvetovo a je na trhu už viac ako 70 rokov a pomaly si získava popularitu aj na Slovensku. Inšpirujte sa jednoduchým a čistým severským dizajnom a kvalitou a doprajte svojim deťom oblečenie, v ktorom môžu svoj voľný čas vonku tráviť v teple, suchu a pohodlí za každého počasia. Kolekciu tejto značky nájdete na tu.