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4 Best Sarees That Young Girls Love To Wear

20/01/18 , , , ,

Fashion differs for different age groups. What suits an adult might not be the choice of youngsters. And, this gap is most prominent when you talk about women’s fashion. A young girl’s apparel choice can be very different from what grownups like. However, every woman likes ethnic wears, especially for special occasions like weddings, engagements and festivals.

The charm of sarees is such that women of all ages love to wear them. Young girls also love to wear sarees for different occasions. A saree brings out the real beauty of an Indian woman and youngsters love to flaunt themselves in sarees as well.

However, young girls can choose sarees which depict their age and youthfulness. The sheer variety of sarees makes it difficult to choose the right one for the right occasions. We are here to help you with a few suggestions.

From Kanjivaram to chiffon, from the net to georgette, from silk to cotton, all types of sarees suit young girls, but of different designs and styles. Buying sarees online has been the latest trend because designer sarees are available on shopping portals at affordable rates. If you are planning to attend any college function or a casual get together with friends, you can check for printed sarees online. If you are attending a wedding or at festivals, you can opt for a heavier saree like silk Kanjivaram. You also buy Kanjivaram sarees online since they have a wide range of collection and quality products from trusted vendors.

Here are a few more suggestions that will help you to choose a saree for any occasions.

Printed Sarees: Floral prints in vibrant colours look amazing on young girls. You can opt for chiffon or silk sarees with floral or even abstract prints depending on the type of occasions. You can also go for two-toned sarees in contrasting colours. You will find amazing printed sarees online in different colurs and hues.

Lacy net Sarees: If you have a great figure to flaunt, then lace and net sarees are apt choices for young girls as a party wear. Coupled with a designer blouse and the right accessories, these sarees depict class and style. You will find amazing net sarees on online portals.

Kanjivaram Sarees: Kanjivaram silk sarees are real beauties and depict elegance with style. Young girls will look classy in Kanjivaram sarees. Choose darker shades and pair with the right kind of accessories. You can buy Kanjivaram sarees online and they are apt for family weddings and other special occasions.

Big Border Sarees: For young girls who plans to wear a saree for a function, heavy embroideries or embellishments can be avoided. Rather, one should opt for a simple saree with a gorgeous border to flaunt. They look beautiful and brings out both elegance and style.

Among different online portals, MakeMyOrders is an amazing site for purchasing different types of sarees. They have an amazing collection of different types of sarees from authentic vendors. They ensure a smooth purchase transaction and speedy delivery.

If you are looking for sarees of your choice and something inspired by celebs, this is the place to look at.


Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Mid Performance Reviews


The Nike Hyperdunk 2017 is the ninth Nike Hyperdunk model. It is a high-performance basketball shoe that features a slip-on construction with a mix of either Flyknit or mesh textile over REACT foam cushioning.

Currently,Hyperudnk 2017 BLK EP is released

For the box , it is normal as usually

For the material : Nike Hyperdunk 2017 features with mesh material which  lightweight, breathable.Nike has highlighted this by using contrasting colors for the base layer, which you can see here in black. on one hand, it reinforces the mesh upper and provides greater durability. On the other hand, it limits the amount of airflow that mesh traditionally brings. that is great anyway .

For the cushioning : While React may be Nike’s most resilient foam cushion as last version . though it is just so so for the cushioning . hope that it is will be better in next version .

As my experience with React, There will be no loss in mobility or a feeling of sinking into mushy cushion.And the court feeling is not good . I would not  prefer this type of feeling. If you prefer a springy cushion then there are plenty of options that will give you that feeling,such as the Jordan series of shoes . React just isn’t the best option for you .

here are the lacy system picture , It is great that can lockdown the feet very well

For the supporting : Actuallly the supporting is not too bad . A TPU torsional plate are all in place and all of piece do their jobs and keep your foot on the footbed, ensuring you aren’t straining your foot. that is great for this one .the most important is  Hyperdunk 2017 Reviews and they offer a wide stable platform without feeling clunky or restrictive.  so maybe it is the reason why I choose it .

For the traction : Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Mid Black Red The rubber traction just so so ,  and that court was so bad that everyone in the gym was slipping. but the grip is great in the clean court .

Overall ,  materials, fit, and support are all standout features. However, the traction just so so that can not meet my required .  And Nike really needs to work on React cushion or ditch the foam entirely.what do you think ?

Une robe vinatge pour un mariage à la mode


Pour accentuer encore davantage la beauté de la robe mariage, de nombreuses jeunes mariées portaient des perles et des perles.
robe de mariée
En plus de la robe de mariée victorienne, de nombreuses jeunes mariées ont aussi orné leurs corps et leurs cheveux avec des fleurs d’oranger. Un ancien chinois tradition symbolisant la pureté et la fertilité, la tradition était populaire dans le monde entier.
L’époque victorienne jusqu’aux années 1950 où elle est finalement devenue démodée. Lorsque les fleurs d’oranger n’étaient pas disponibles ou trop chères, les familles utilisaient une fleur d’oranger. La version en cire pour la coiffure et le décor de leur robe. A l’extravagant affaires victoriennes, certains journaux rapporteraient le fait que la vraie orange.
On utilisait des “fleurs”, ce qui signifiait la richesse de la famille nuptiale ou le surplus.
pour finir son look complet.
Acheter des robes vintage aujourd’hui

robe kate
Bien que les robes de mariée victoriennes ne sont pas communes, il est possible de en acheter un dans un magasin spécialisé. Un Mariage Vintage est l’un d’entre eux vous pouvez avoir un peu de chance quand vous recherchez la robe pour mariage pas cher.
Ils offrent des robes de mariée, des voiles et des modèles de couture pour que vous puissiez répliquez le vôtre si vous souhaitez le personnaliser. Victoria Rose aussi propose une vaste sélection de robes de mariée victoriennes, le tout dans un cadre unique. Cherchez une fourchette de prix raisonnable afin que vous puissiez évaluer combien vous allez dépenser pour ton jour spécial. Visitez ce site pour des chaussures et des voiles vintage.
Certaines boutiques de la région peuvent aussi offrir des robe longue de soirée anciennes, alors vérifiez auprès de votre détaillant.
Pour voir s’il existe une boutique nuptiale près de chez vous. Ou bien, vous pourriez envisager un voyage spécial avec certaines de vos demoiselles d’honneur pour chasser cette robe spéciale dans les magasins d’antiquités ou de consignation locaux.



Like the Air Jordan 1 Flyknit ‘BHM’, Nike is putting a special multicolor touch on two of its signature lines for Black History Month.


Nike is beefing up its Black History Month theme of black, red, and green (and a touch of gold) with two new colorways of the LeBron 15 and KD 10.

The sneakers and are rumored to be releasing in just a few days on January 15, which of course does not fall within Black History Month but is fitting nonetheless because it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The LeBron 15 ‘BHM’ features a Battleknit upper that weaves together red, green, and black. Underneath, everything from the heel counter, Zoom cushioning, and outsole is blacked out with one small exception (we’ll get to that later). Unfortunately, there were no premium touches given to the lacing and pull tabs that we can see — and no, these do not appear to carry those special outriggers we were hoping to see on retail units.

The KD 10 takes a different approach by using a black Flyknit base and adding red and green via the TPU reinforcements. It is overlayed with leather accents at the eyestays while black Swooshes are outlined with a nice gold touch. The midsole is predominately treated with white, but adds some color blocking towards the heel to fit in with the ‘BHM’ scheme atop visible Zoom and a solid white rubber outsole.

We are sure you noticed those gold dates featured on both silhouettes. These represent some special moments were both LeBron and KD took to the stage respectively.

The July 13, 2016, date on the LeBron 15 refers to the ESPY Awards of 2016 where LeBron joined his friends/fellow athletes Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul to create a profound moment with their statements.

The KD 10 BHM date of May 6, 2014, honors the crowning of Kevin Durant as the NBA’s Most Valuable Player. He gave a touching speech that seemed to highlight everyone on earth but himself (who could forget that touching moment he shared with his mother?).

There’s no official word yet on pricing or availability for these two pairs, but check back for updates as we will be sure to provide more information as it comes.

What do you think of the way Nike’s 2018 BHM Collection is shaping up? Which of the two shoes pictured here was executed better? Let us know in the comments below.

Five Fashion Choices That Could Damage Your Health

09/01/18 ,

We have all heard Cheap Shapewear of fashion victims who follow fashion slavishly – but when if comes to some fashion choices, you really could become a victim in a very real sense. Some fashion choices can really damage your health and leave you regretting your style decisions for more than just aesthetic reasons. Here are five common fashion choices that you may not realise could damage your health:

Cheap Sexy Clothes  Wearing Outrageously High Heels

High heels are not good for you. High heels, especially ludicrously high ones with stiletto heels and pointed toes, are bad for your feet, your legs, your joints and your back. Though you may wish to wear heels occasionally, wearing them too often and too extremes really could physically hurt you and you could have some serious health problems in the long term.

Wearing Fur or Leather

You may think that real fur and real leather are ‘natural’ and harmless. What you may not realise is that they have to be treated using a whole range of deadly chemicals, the residues of which remain. These are, after all, parts of dead animal carcasses and would rot if not treated. These treatments have been shown to be carcinogens – they can cause cancer – and recent studies have shown that some can be adsorbed through our skin. With little information on supply chains and treatments, there is no way of knowing whether these items could be damaging your health. Keep it faux instead to be safe.

Wearing The Skinniest Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are not good for your health, especially those that are super tight. These jeans can reduce and even cut off blood flow and damage your circulation. People have even had to be cut out of their skinny jeans in an emergency. Skinny jeans also increase risk of nerve and muscle problems and even problems in the reproductive zone.

Wearing Synthetic Underwear

Synthetic underwear, especially that which is too tight and too small, can lead to all sorts of problems… down there. You will be at increased risk of getting urinary tract infections and a range of other infections. Synthetic underwear cannot breathe, so you should get some nice, breathable cotton underwear instead. Support and shaping underwear is also a bad idea – it can cause digestive problems, bladder problems and can even affect your breathing.

Wearing An Ill-Fitting Bra

There is a shocking statistic that almost three quarters of women may be wearing a bra that does not fit them properly. If you are wearing an ill-fitting bra you are in the majority but you could be making a rod for your own back. Ill fitting bras can create sore skin patches, back and shoulder pain and other health problems that can become chronic over time.