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2017 hot nike paul george pg 1 performance test


Being only the 21st basketball athlete that Nike has awarded a signature model means there are big shoes to fill, and Paul George has his work cut out for him. Let’s see if the Nike PG 1 can hold its own…


Traction – The solid rubber outsole and traction worked above average; the diamond-gridded nodules held their ground on most conditions. That isn’t to say I didn’t have some minor slippage when the pattern picks up big chunks of dust, but one or two wipes and you’re back at it without skipping a beat.

The highlighted area showcases the location of the forefoot Zoom Air unit (the translucent rubber actually showed the Zoom Air section) — it’s something simple, but it’s the little things that matter, especially for us at newjordans2018.com. I recommend sticking to the solid rubber outsole for traction consistency.

For those considering using this shoe for outdoors, the durability might not last as long due to the thin nodules.

Cushion – The cushion is bottom-loaded forefoot Zoom Air Unit for the PG 1. The Phylon midsole used here is actually softer than most Nike basketball shoes I’ve tested, and the setup was a very responsive low-to-the-ground ride.

You don’t feel the forefoot Zoom unit much, especially for those that are expecting bounce-back, but it gets the job done. For a big man like myself, I do prefer more cushioning — top-loaded Zoom Air in the forefoot and heel, full-length Zoom, or double-stacked Zoom Air units — but I didn’t have a problem with these. I was surprised, especially coming from a recent knee injury. to see how supple the Phylon midsole felt. Forefoot Zoom, soft Phylon midsole, responsive court feel — that combination is definitely a setup worth taking a second look at.

Materials –  Drum roll please?! The materials here are absolutely the star of the show. Nubuck midfoot to heel, mesh material transition with fuse overlays on high wear areas from midfoot to toebox, solid rubber traction, footbed strap that is locked down with Flywire, and a bootie construction — superb!

The execution and design was clearly well thought out. There’s a bit of an ol’ school vibe from using good ol’ materials that work on a modern shoe. The materials used on this shoe were incredibly functional; they didn’t add bulk or additional weight to the shoe. Overall, the materials used here are very well implemented and my favorite aspect of the shoe.

Fit – Fit was like a glove, a size too small. The shoe is hella narrow and fits super snug. I lucked on getting a half a size up (because it’s damn near impossible to find a size 13.5). I tried on both my regular size 13 and a size 14. For the size 13, my foot went in, with somewhat semi-violent interaction and mild blood circulation slowly cutting off…then, there was numbness. The size 14 fit my foot fine, with minor struggle getting into the shoe, but there was too much room in the front. So I went on a mission to see if 13.5 was available, a true rarity.

This shoe is specifically catered to the narrow-footed, quick on their feet, shifty players. Even 1/2 size up, the PG1 required some break-in time due to the snugness. After a game or two, the shoe fit like a glove and contoured to my feet exceptionally well. It’s still a concern that not all shoes are created for all athletes alike.

Support – We’re all thrown the idea that low-top shows have less support — which I think a lot of bulls***. Although the shoe does fit snug and requires minor break-in time, the nike pg 1 ferocity for sale has the combined support areas placed strategically. The midsole cups your feet, the foot sits well on the footbed, and the bootie construction keeps your feet locked. Additionally, the heel (including the extra padding) wraps around the back of your foot and heel quite well, making sure you’re locked in.

The midsole and outsole are slightly rounded-out but I never felt any instability. The PG1 acts as an extension of your feet without becoming a nuisance. Wonderful lockdown, solid traction, responsive ride — I’d say it’s pretty supportive, especially for a first signature model that is a low-top.

Overall – The PG1 is a wonderful shoe to play in, as long as you don’t have wide feet and you can get your foot into the shoe. For a first signature model and it’s $110 price point, I think the shoe is fantastic.

If you want a nice looking shoe that is responsive on-court with superb containment, this shoe is the beez neez! I suggest going with the solid rubber outsole. If this shoe is an indication of what’s to come from the Swoosh, I’m excited. The PG1 is from the same designer as the Ambassador 9, a hit, so I’ll have to hold him (and Nike basketball shoes ) to slightly higher standards and expectations. I’m already anticipating the PG2 — hopefully, it’s wide-foot friendly or releases in size 13.5) — but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Three Style Shoes on Nike LeBron 15 at 2018 hot sale


Coming soon is the Nike LeBron 15 which James will wear during the 2017-18 NBA Season. The debut of LeBron James’ 15th signature shoe will take place during October.

ecently LeBron James was seen wearing the new Cleveland Cavaliers Nike Uniforms but in the caption he wrote “Savage Season 15”. This does mark James’ 15th season in the NBA, but could also be the Nike LeBron 15.

“This is my favorite shoe to date” says James. “The performance benefits and sophisticated look make this shoe a force on and off the court.”

The shoe’s key innovations include a next-generation Nike Flyknit Battle construction that provides strategic stretch, a locked-in fit and durability. Underfoot is a fully articulated cushioning system that combines Max Air and Zoom Air units, while a full-bootie construction offers a secure, one-to-one fit.

“The number-one thing people should know about the LEBRON 15 is that this new Nike Flyknit is something that’s never been done in a performance shoe,” notes James. “It looks great, too. Since Jason and I started working on the LeBron 7, we have always talked about how we not only want to have the top, top, top notch in performance, we want style, as well. We have a desire to create shoes that makes all people feel good when they put it on.”

Update: Below is three style Nike LeBron 15 colorways which includes 2018 releases via newjordans2018.com .

1.Nike LeBron 15 ‘Ghost’ Releases October 17th

nj2018 first showed readers LeBron James fifteenth signature sneaker in the ‘Ghost’ colorway way back in early September. Now, detailed images of this highly anticipated model have surfaced as the 2017-18 NBA season opener is only six days away.

The upper of this particular silhouette features tan Battleknit, an evolved version of Flyknit. The tan leather accents offer some luxe touches to the knitted upper that give the whole shoe a clean look.

The outsole is made of translucent rubber with massive articulated Max Air and Zoom Air units sitting above. The midsole is splashed with white speckles, and the laces get some reflective hits.

According to Sneaker News, the LeBron 15 ‘Ghost’ will launch alongside the LeBron 15 ‘Ashes’ on October 28 for $185.

LeBron’s Cavs will open the new NBA season at home against the Kyrie-led Celtics on October 17 (what a coincidence, we see you Adam Silver). Which colorway of the LeBron 15 will we see the King wear? Let us know your thoughts.

2.Nike LeBron 15 Ashes release at October 28th, 2017

The Nike LeBron 15 ‘Ashes’ will be the first colorway of the Nike LeBron 15 to make a retail release which will take place during October.

This Nike LeBron 15 known as Ashes is highlighted in a Black and White color combination. Using a mixture of the two shades across the uppers, we have Flyknit. In addition we have a Max Air and Zoom Air units and a full bootie construction. Black lands on the liner, laces, and the three heel loops while White covers the midsole with a speckled overlay. Finishing the look is a flame logo on the inside of the tongue.

3.KITH x Nike LeBron 15 ‘Floral’

Not long ago we showed a first look at the Nike LeBron 15 which is LeBron James 15th signature shoe. Now we have a new pair showing up which was on the feet of Maverick Carter and seen on Victor Cruz’s Instagram story.

As you can see, this Nike LeBron 15 features White across the base however the highlight would be the KITH x  Lebron 15 Floral embroidery seen wrapping the uppers. Following we have Gold on the lace tips and White on the rubber outsole. The LeBron 15 is constructed with BattleKnit and BattleMax technology.

Below you can check another image of the Nike LeBron 15 Floral. Tonight you will see LeBron James on the runway for the KITH x Nike Collection so it’s possible we may see another colorway or new images of the Floral. Make sure to visit the comments section and let us know your thoughts on Jordan release date 2018 .

Maak Nike Air Max 2018 Dames de kooi


Maak Nike Air Max 2018 Dames de kooi niet vaak of grondig schoon. Hun urine zal ontleden en ammoniak produceren. Dit, samen met het ontbindende beddengoed, kan hun longen irriteren. Ja, het is pijn om te doen. Maar met de onaangename aspecten kan je je alleen meer waarderen. Schoon en desinfecteer met bleekwater een keer per week, of maximaal twee weken, maximaal. Niet uit te nemen om vaak genoeg te spelen. Ratten zullen uiteindelijk depressief worden als ze in hun beperkte kooiomgeving blijven staan. Als je speeltijd leuk en uitdagend maakt, kijk je ook naar de bondtijd!
Beslist Nike Air Max 2017 Dames om te kweken om de verkeerde redenen. Verantwoord verantwoording is niet een lucratieve of makkelijke hobby om in te gaan, vooral in het begin. Doe niet vast met een rommelvlees dat op een dierenwinkel slangvoedsel wordt. In plaats daarvan, probeer dan wat tijd vrijwilligerswerk te doen voor of beginnend leerling met een fokker.Ze geven ze niet genoeg speelgoed. Als u uw ratten verdraagt, worden ze saai. Ratten houden niet alleen van spelen, onderzoeken en oplossen van problemen, maar ze moeten voortdurend worden gestimuleerd door een uitdagende leeromgeving. Geef ze een verscheidenheid aan speelgoed en spelletjes en wissel de dingen constant rond. Zij zullen er van je van houden!
Zorg Nike Air Huarache Dames ervoor dat u ze in een fijne rat show plaatst alvorens u het te onderzoeken. Je mag van je ratten houden en denken dat ze gewoon de meest perfecte ratten zijn die je ooit hebt gezien, maar de American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association (AFRMA) heeft zeer strikte normen en die rechters hebben honderden – zo niet duizenden – ratten gezien Hun dag. Voordat u besluit om uw ratten in een show te betreden, bezoek eerst een. Interview een handvol beoordelaars en leer precies wat een rattop in zijn klas maakt. Dan beslissen. Uitstel van het onderzoek naar een gekwalificeerde dierenarts voor kleine dieren. Het moment dat een van je ratten wordt ziek, wil je het telefoonnummer van een goede dierenarts handig hebben. Niet alle dierenartsen zullen kleine dieren of ratten behandelen. Doe het opzoeken vooraf en bespaar Nike Air Huarache Heren jezelf de frustratie en wanhoop dat een noodsituatie soms kan veroorzaken.

Air Jordan 10(X) Retro Performance Review


Air Jordan 10(X) Retro Performance Review

Traction – The overall traction has been very solid. From a visual perspective you would already assume that the traction would be more than capable of keeping up with your movements from a front to back standpoint. What is clear after you begin to trust the surface is that your jab steps, jump stops along with your crosses, quick cuts and abrupt stops are great as well. No matter the court condition, the Air Jordan 10 can keep up with the best of them.

Cushion – We finally have something a bit more ‘modern’ with the Phylon midsole but even then its not as soft as some of the newer renditions of the foam nor is it as responsive as the newer foams that have been introduced to us over the last few years. However, the cushion is more than capable and 100% ready to take care of you during games. While you wont receive that step-in comfort you may find in something with an Ortholite insole – an easy fix if you wanted to swap insoles – but the full length Air unit along with the Phylon midsole do their job and they do it very well. Heel to toe transition is extremely smooth and you don’t feel high off the ground so court feel isn’t compromised.

Material – I personally love everything about the materials… it brings me back to when you got what you paid for. I’m not saying that you are getting ripped off today by purchasing synthetic based sneakers – since they will last longer – but there is just something about wearing a handcrafted sneaker made with organic materials that makes you feel as if you just laced up a luxury item onto your feet.

Fit – The fit is fantastic and one of the highlights of the Jordan release date 2018 . When you have leather based shoes, you typically have a break-in period to adjust to. That wasn’t really the case as the break-in time for these are easy and painless. I was expecting for the overall shoe to lose its shape after some time – a typical issue with leather sneakers – but that never happened. Those bungee bands place down the tongue keeps the fit snug and secure from beginning to end… a really nice feature and its also something I really enjoyed on the Air Penny III.

Ventilation – The tongue is mesh but other than that there really isn’t any ventilation. This will bring their overall score down but that should only really effect your decision to wear these on-court if that particular attribute is a high priority for your needs.

Support – The support is minimal but fairly effective. While the leather overlays didn’t provide much of any support, the midsole did which made up for it. There is a molded arch which is nice for arch support but this is the first time within the Air Jordan Project where I felt my arch over flexing. It didn’t happen often and when it happened it was only with my right foot but it does make you appreciate the shank plate no matter what material its made of.

Overall – The Air Jordan 10 is a great on-court option. Its no surprise why you still see them on basketball courts today… they are just that good of a shoe. They have almost everything a hooper would need.

Despite claims from consumers claiming the ‘quality’ is lacking, the Air Jordan Retro has been one of the best releases this year in terms of materials and craftsmanship. For the few who may have bought a pair to wear with their Nike Elite socks on-court and not on the sidewalk… they’re on-court ready fresh out the box in the newjordans2018.com .

ZTW Gecko 120A High Voltage Aircraft ESC

10/10/17 , , , , , ,

This is a high voltage version Gecko ESC supports up to 12S LiPo, but no built in BEC.

GECKO series also include ESC OPTO for giant flying. This series of ESCs also features an exposed, finned heat sink aluminum case with lightweight plastic end caps. Additional features include safe power arming along with advanced programmable, data logging system, low voltage cutoff, braking, timing, throttle input range, and more, making this series truly a pro series speed control.

As the development of the electronic and popular demand and designed for extreme aerobatics and therefore has the capability to support the higher current applications to eliminate the possibility of unwanted shutdowns, and is also capable of supporting continuous simultaneous multiple servo operations typically found in CCPM equipped hardcore 3D E-helicopters.

Data logging system such as temperature, voltage, current, RPM,
SBEC Voltage Output 5.0, 6.0, 7.4, 8.4V adjustable
Advanced Governor Mode and soft start
High SBEC Current Output, continuous 8A and burst 16A, designed to meet your high current application
Power arm protection, over-heat protection, low-voltage protection and lost-signal protection
Secondary sub-menu setting by LCD program card or PC interface
Firmware updating by PC interface
Unique metal shape designing gives your new fashion visual impact.
Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity
Support and match with most of the motors, including high RPM motors
Programmable motor timing
Utilizes new smaller MOSFET technology to minimize weight
Finned heat sink
programmable throttle input range
Anti-spark circuit eliminates (HV OPTO version only)

ZTW’s Yu Lei, Won the NO one at 2017 China Dron Racing Final

Time:09-16-2017 11:08
 After CHINA DRONE RACING at Shekou,Shenzhen, UAV ring finally waiting for the long-awaited finals. Personally experience the level of preliminaries competition, we can feel more difficult to enter the finals. There should be applause here :-) Although the August “Forbidden City” stood on the tail of the summer, slightly dripping boring. And the finals, just like a stimulant, so come from all over the country, has long been gearing off the hands of flying hands, as well as UAV drop lovers, and once in our “emperor” dry up. Secretly tell you, in the Tweets sponsored by the flying hands “Yu Lei” in this inside Oh!
August 23, low-key opening ceremony, as well as flying test flight. Vaguely can feel a “big thing”. To know that this is China’s first national UAV racing competition, led by the State Sports General Administration of the UAV Open. Must, play in the back!

After watching the big god of the test flight, the author was surprised to find that the break into the final team, there is a team of the composition of the size of the team were 9, 10 years old, 11 years old. Among them, the 9-year-old player is also the youngest players. Had to feel ah: “the Yangtze River after the waves push waves, waves wave.” Members “before the waves” who should be quite pleased! @ ZTW-Yu Lei. I think this is not too big to worry about the big mentality is enough evil drops, had to despise their own one second, no one unmanned machine ring is so rich and colorful. Tell me, let’s move on.

CCTV 13 shot out of the flag really did not like the same effect, this momentum, looked twice as cool There are three items in this final:
UAVs around the standard racing, UAV lap racing and UAV mission match. In the middle there are through the big god of the show. Do not visit the scene of the small partners at the moment what feeling … …
24: 9: 30 – 17:00, two rounds of preliminaries
25: 10: 00-18:00, semi-final and match against the tournament preliminaries and finals
26: 10: 00 – 16:00, lap tournament finals
In addition to CCTV 13, BTV is also on the final made a special report. Xiao Bian I will not go into details. But must be said that there are those who feel that the game drop your hands, so handsome, it is estimated that fans fans have increased a lot @ ZTW-Yu Lei. But then back, the finals is the finals, to the organizing committee point praise!
Finally, finally, we talked about the key friends. In the past two years has been forced to sponsor the Beijing local flying hands – Yu Lei in the game clearance, and ultimately in the tournament always made the first good results. Where the adverbial ad, in the special Wei drop quality or withstand the test of the contest. In the UAV among the torrent, the Shenzhen City in the special Wei Technology Co., Ltd.,
hoping to “fuel”, refueling, efforts, to you die friends, you fly, to bring a good product.
Of course, we have to congratulate, waves (Li Kunhuang), this from Shenzhen drop young man, gains the first lap race. He took the number of the first one or no one can remember the circle, but he promoted the role of UAV competition, I think, self-evident!
Finals is a golden age through the machine,
Finals is also a master cut off the opportunity,
The finals is that we in the special Wei and other manufacturers to show themselves on the stage,
Looking forward to the next .

Output: Continuous Current 120A ,Burst Current 150A for 10 seconds
Battery : 18-38 NiXX / 6-12S LiPo
Weight: 115g
Size: 46x65x16.6mm (WxLxH)

ZTW Gecko 120A High Voltage Aircraft ESC User Manual Free Download