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Hongxing jaw crushers Promotes World Economy


In recent years, as a pillar for national based industrials including energy, transportation and raw materials, large Breaker machine gets the capital support by national policy. With the continuous development and enhancement of science and technology level, large breaker machine gradually becomes one of the main equipment for mine stone crushing, building materials production and chemical industry.Vibrating screen is mainly characterized by a high frequency, high vibration strength, and is mainly applied to the wet classification of 0.5mm or less fine material and solid-liquid separation. In the coal dressing industry, it was used to recover slurry in the most coal dressing plant for its low investment and operation costs. It has been widely promoted and applied at home and abroad.In the past two years, in order to conform to the country’s energy requirements , those high energy consumption, high pollution, high waste cement industries aspect all make hard efforts on the reusing resources, such as Tin Shui Cement plant , Huaxin Cement factories have opened a proposed gravel aggregate production line. As a result , they not only solve the abandoned ore waste problems in cement production, but also get a new profit growth point for the cement plant, it is well described as killing two birds with one stone.

The Vibrating screen had been researched in the abroad in the early 1950s. In the metallurgical industry, it was used for classifying fine iron ore in the Ore beneficiation plant. In the coal processing industry, it was used for slim dehydration, referrals and classification. At present there are many countries with this technology, such as the United States, Australia, German, France and Finland. The product also has many types, such as SLV type high frequency vibrating screen produced by Schenck Company and HF type vibrating screen by Nordberg Company.During the thirty years after reform and opening up, China’s crusher industry makes constant exploration and gradually matures so that domestic crusher industry completes system restructuring, structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, as well as many other important processes, which makes China gradually grow into the world’s largest crusher manufacturer. Crusher products produced by our country make great contributions for the modernization construction. Especially the continuous updating of largecrushing plant has played a huge role for the development of the national economy.National prosperity is embodied in the growth of economy, and the development of enterprise is the main force to promote national economy growth.

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