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Gravel Screen-Rotary Screen


gravel screen-rotary screen-high frequency vibrating ore screen-ore screening equipment

Gravel screen can divide sand, gravel, crushed stone and other materials into different levels according to the particle size by making use of the relative motion between grain materials and screen surface.
Granular level of screening depends on the screen surface; screen surface is divided into grate bar, plate screen and mesh screen.

Notes to selection
1, screened materials types and usage: coal, ore, chemical raw materials, food, etc.; for classification, dewatering, medium or desliming, etc.
2, the material moisture content, viscosity and inclination.
3, sieving machine installation space: screen surface width B, length L and height H.
4,classification of screening equipment: (1) fixed screen surface; (2) vibrating screen surface; (3) movable sieve; (4) drum sieve surface; (5) other types of sieve, etc.
5, largest feeding and discharging particle size.
6, size of sieving machine interface device and subsequent equipment.
7, equipment capacity: t/h.
8, installation forms: seat type or hanging type; installing on left or right.
9, sequence of electric cabinet installation and control linkage; selection requirements on motor and electric control.
10, other special requirements: sieve surface angle, appearance color, etc.

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