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Those that would prefer to send in a 3 DAY FIT

17/06/13 Tags: 2 day diet pill

In tandem with the honoring of John Carpenter with a Career Achievement award and a 25th Anniversary Screening of Prince of Darkness, Screamfest is celebrating the iconic films of the director through original art. Read on!

Thirteen exclusive poster designs from around the globe have been commissioned based on his classic films. Each poster is 24″X 36″ and part of a limited run of 50. As longtime advocates of animals, John and Sandy King Carpenter have chosen for the entire proceeds of the poster sale to benefit the Humane Society of the United States. They will be on display and for sale for $50 each at the October 20th event at the LA Live Regal Cinema .(1000 West Olympic Blvd., LA, CA).

Those that would prefer to send in a 3 DAY FIT direct donation to the Humane Society of the United States, should mail directly to: Department of Philanthropy, 2100 L Street NW, Washington, DC 20037. Their IRS tax identification number is 53-0225390.

Tickets to the Opening Night Film & Party of Screamfest can be purchased here, full festival passes can be purchased here, and the full schedule can be found here. For more info follow Screamfest (official site here) on Twitter or Facebook.

Here are the first eight of the designs along with bios on the artists:

DARK STAR by Stephen Sandoval.

Marooned on this planet as an infant, the work of life-long artist Stephen Sandoval has since been shaped by three adopted human passions: Science Fiction, Comic Books, and American Pop Culture of the 1960’s and 1970’s. In order to assimilate in plain sight of Earth’s inhabitants, Stephen is currently working as a director on the Emmy award-winning television show “Futurama” where his extraterrestrial pedigree serves him well.
It’s love at first smell for college librarian Meenaxi Deshpande (Rani Mukherjee), who falls hook line and sinker for brooding artist Surya (South Indian star Prithviraj) the moment she first catches a whiff of him. Meenaxi, the protagonist of writer-director Sachin Kundalkar’s bizarrely fascinating Aiyyaa, is a middle-class Maharashtrian girl with a heightened sense of smell, and a tendency to slip into a dream-like fantasy world of Bollywood numbers to escape the claustrophobia of her eccentric family.To be fair, no one’s entirely sane in Kundalkar’s world – not Meenaxi’s kooky parents, not her blind grandmother who zips around in a mechanical wheelchair, and especially not her colleague at the library, a buck-toothed Lady Gaga lookalike who dresses in S&M gear and pines for John Abraham. Meenaxi herself is prone to 2 day diet shop melodramatic outbursts and filmi nakhras, particularly when she’s being paraded about in front of prospective grooms.

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