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High Efficiency Sand Making Machine in Crushing Pebble


This machine is the stone production pattern which has been used for decades in our country. Developed till now, the sand system design concept that adapts to the time development has been formed and been in wide application and dissemination because of its excellent technology and high economical benefits. International advanced technology and rich practical experience are in the organic combination makes artificial sand technology in our country to reach and even create first-class level in the world in some aspects. In recent years, with the rising of the urban construction, building sand demand is increasing and artificial sand have broadened their market.

At the same time, the domestic energy saving and efficient environmental voice become more and more intense, so traditional pebbles sand making machine is unable to meet the needs of the times. Daswell, as a domestic mining machinery industry leader, from the needs of market has developed the sixth generation of the R & D of new pebbles Sand making machine which has contributed a new strength to break the limitations of traditional stone production Line. Daswell developed the sixth generation of pebbles sand making machine with the introduction of foreign advanced technology and many years experience in the research and development of crushing equipment. It is a environmentally friendly and new energy efficient production.

Pebble sand making machine has a long service-life, low consumption, easy operation design principles, By optimizing the structure, it has achieved the most economical form with largest efficiency . The machine investment is lower than the same scale traditional process equipment , the output efficiency is about 35% -50% higher than the traditional equipment of the same scale, long-running maintenance costs is 35% -50% lower than the same scale traditional process equipment, besides, the installation dust-free equipment and noise reduction devices, allowing enterprises to achieve economic and environmental benefits of double harvest.

With over 30 years of production practice and the obtained technical achievements as the foundation, the artificial sand technology in our country entered the era of rapid innovation and can be widely used. Daswell sand making machine with its excellent level of production technology and reliable operation of the work, safe operating techniques, energy conservation and environmental protection features has been the best-selling in domestic and foreign markets. Daswell will continue to work harder, R & D more effective equipment that gives a powerful strength to our national economy. If your working place is special, we can also supply high efficiency mobile crushing plant which is also called portable crusher.

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