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Harper has said his government is 2 day diet

25/07/13 Tags: 2 day diet pill

The problem is in interconnected modern economies, like it or not, it’s nearly impossible to avoid China. One of the major reasons China has had the world’s fastest growth rate for the last three decades is most major consumer products companies globally have moved significant components of their supply chains in China.

Ericsson, Cisco or Alcatel-Lucent phone systems could also have Chinese-made parts. So could many consumer products, regardless of the nationality of the company on the brand.

Harper has said his government is 2 day diet addressing a range of difficult policy questions on the Nexen deal. The government has until Friday to make a decision on the historic takeover but could extend the review another 30 days.

Relations with China will always include tensions; that’s the reality of economic interdependence.

While Canada should address national security, industrial protectionism and human rights with Beijing that shouldn’t preclude pragmatic economic engagement with China.

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